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Boris Sheiko Bench Press Macrocycle - The Resulting Graphs

You mean you can’t retire off a top of the food chain, 40,000 dollar check before taxes??

Not unless you don’t plan on living too long.

I have no clue either. I think gaelic means well though. I think because he makes such slow progression and he gained “6kg” that he wants to help other lifters progress on the bench press with this programming as well or something.

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Thats awesome.

What’s it mean? Lol

This of course I know and I understand. But when I make my whole life a sport in which I deform my body, I expect an adequate reward. I certainly don’t expect a stupid protein and diploma. This is absolutely not an adequate reward for a potential winner. In all other sports, visible work means financial and media appreciation. I hope I wrote it sensibly.

I have no questions. I thought you’d understand from the context that this topic is a graphic and verbal evaluation of the macrocycle deliberately focused on the bench press. I created this topic, among other things, because sometimes, in private reports, I have a question about the average intensity and number of lifts in individual days/weeks in programs by Boris Sheiko. And in graphs it is best explained.
Eventually, the debate was slightly deflected. If this topic violates some of the rules of discussion, it can easily be deleted by forum moderators. I will not get angry.

This thread doesn’t violate any rules, I just don’t see where you are going with this.

Well hopefully lifting weights won’t lead you to deform your body, and powerlifting doesn’t need to be anyone’s whole life, but there are other sports that don’t pay much or at all. Strongman and bodybuilding are the same until you are at the top of the sport (which few will ever reach), and there are plenty of other sports with no money or fame. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, most NHL (hockey) players had offseason jobs because it paid poorly. And it’s still common among CFL football players. Now think of all the sports that aren’t televised and you never hear about, nobody is making a living off them.

I agree more or less with you. But even average olympic athletes will come to good money.

I don’t know why you wrote a bad quotation that I have questions when I did not have one. It’s probably your typo.

This topic should be purely informative.

6 kilos in 3 months to a 1RM of 141 seems pretty reasonable to me. The iron game is a marathon not a sprint.

God damn some people are so fucking retarded it’s unbelieveable.

Somehow people can’t comprehend and are shit talking you for outlining your progress, and the correlations in it by going over the intensities etc.

OP, people are just too fucking moronic to understand what anything means. their maxim is “hehe big weiit big gains baby 5/3/1 baby big weiit big ganes… look at what big guys do… 1 rep max… big weeit big ganesss! so therefore, in concloosin you lift heavy to get big heavy muscle babey!”

You’re just reporting your gains at a specific point in your lifting career, and giving the intensities you made them at. apparently no one can infer shit from that with though b/c of pea brains.

try an intense program next maybe to really test your strength. it’s possible you put more muscle on than you might have thought, and haven’t realized it yet. I only managed to train my nervous system effectively on canditos 6 week bench program opposed to some of the other programs that deal with 75%+

6kg doesn’t sound that bad

Says the Blaha groupie.

React without emotion. And this topic serves only as informative character.


You expect a sport which pays nothing to pay well? That’s probably going to have a disappointing ending for you.

No, I have no such expectations for quite some time. I’m not a powerlifter, it doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s just a sad truth.

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