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Boris Sheiko Bench Press Macrocycle - The Resulting Graphs

Hi, last year, I completed a three-month macrocycle deliberately focused on the bench press. As the name implies, these training days were from the original app by Boris Sheiko. It seems sensible to publish my graphs of the three-month training period. I believe that it is very important, if you train in a forceful way, to carry out thoroughly and carefully the training records in Excel. Excel is a very useful and effective helper.
Back to the topic: Two preparatory mesocycles were more or less easy (although the first week in the first preparatory mesocycle evoke hell). At the start of the competition mesocycle, there were injuries to the lateral ligaments in the left knee, causing great pain and disruption of this training, so I had to make forced modifications. Fortunately, the injurie were cured just before the final test of the PR. My fears have disappeared.
As far as the resulting progress is concerned, it is “only” 6 kg (honestly, I expected more progress). I have to take into account, however, that I am rapidly approaching my natural ceiling (which is about 155 kg). So I was happy with the result.

I think the words have already been enough. So I go to graphs that show three aspects - the number of lifts, average intensity and total tonnage.

Preparation mesocycle 1:







Preparation mesocycle 2:







Competition mesocycle:








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Hey @gaelic whatsup?

Nothing special. I know you’re following me. So I came to the conclusion that this topic will be interesting and useful for you and others.

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Oh ok. thanks man much appreciated!

Hey how do you know your natty limit?

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This can be observed on the basis of body composition and speed of progress. I’m well aware that with long arms, bench press will never be good. I have a good predispositions for the conventional deadlift, but I have achieved the personal goal (250 kg) and I don’t feel motivated to train her further. I don’t enjoy completed powerlifting because it is a poor, boring and unattractive sport. So I just want to focus on the bench press… Perhaps I wrote it sensibly.

Yeah I think I get it. It’s just that I don’t often hear people talking about their own limit and putting a number on it. I guess if you truly believe that’s your limit it’ll be hard to surpass because you don’t believe you can.

So like if you trained bench only for 10 more years you don’t think you could get 170kg or more?

I think it’s not a psychic block. It is about the fact that every person has a certain amount of hypertrophy. The amount of hypertrophy determines how many kilograms you can lift.

That’s a big speculation I don’t like to do. With AAS, it might be real. Naturally with my body composition this is not real. However, never say never.

It sounds like complete nonsense

In a sense yes, but genetic limit is a thing. Otherwise everyone would be squatting and deadlifting 1000 ibs.

It is true. There are those who are unable to admit this fact, which forces them to make a quarter squat instead of a valid squat (see Westside Barbell). And is terrible when their deeds perceive Simmons as correct.

gaelic, did you do a few powerlifting competitions then get bored with it?

I too found myself scratching my head when you said genetic limit. I understand setting goals, both short term (by this I mean 6 months to a year) and long term (3-5 years), but putting a number on it seems to me to be an educated guess (at best) or sorcery.

What’s your current bodyweight, height and bench 1RM?

No, I have not yet participated in any powerlifting competitions. I’ll try to explain why. I live in the Czech Republic where powerlifting is totally in ruins. For a possible victory, you will only get a diploma and proteins, which is mockery and misery. You will never get back nor half of the amount you put into the competition. Even if somebody in the Czech Republic asks if he knows a better known Czech lifter, he usually answers that he does not know him. Only a very small percentage of (not only the Czech) population respects this sport. Powerlifting has a big tradition only in Russia where it values all the lifters. But in other countries there is almost no respect, gratitude and good background for this sport… I apologize for eventually mistakes in English, I am not native English or American speaker.

1 RM is already mentioned in this topic. You can find the rest in my log.

it would have actually taken typing fewer characters to type your bodyweight and height than it did to type what you did. Which makes your response intentionally obtuse, and forces us to find your log when you could have easily provided said info here. Not everyone wants to read everyone else’s log. The question was reasonable, I was about to ask the same.

don’t be a dick.


I never disputed that there is a limit to everyone’s potential, but there is no way to determine what that limit actually is without training for years and years.

That’s how it is everywhere, there is the odd meet here and there with a cash prize but if it’s anything significant they have already written the check to Yuri Belkin. This isn’t a sport you get into because you want to get rich and famous. I really wonder why you even posted in this forum in the first place.

As for your original post, did you have a question? I’m not even sure what this thread is about, all I have seen so far is a guy who doesn’t like powerlifting and made small gains on his bench after a training cycle on the Sheiko app, but it’s ok because he’s already close to his scientifically determined genetic limit. What is really going on here?