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Boring GAL Threads


Thats right, I am so disgusted right now with all the crap people are putting out lately and trying to pass them off as threads. There are maybe a handful out of HUNDREDS that are worthy or reading and posting in. I think it's time for us all to step our game up (this thread included) and start focusing on QUALITY over quantity.

Before you start a topic, ask yourself if you think it's going to get past 2 pages. If the answer is no, then delete what you had typed out and go slam your dick (or tits)in a door for even thinking about posting crap.

I don't have to punish myself for this thread even though I know it sucks because I am making up the punishment in it, any subsequent posts which suck I too will be subject to the punishment. HolyMac is the whitness to all punishments as I think it will also satisfy some disturbing fetish he has.




Wol's wife


That is so appropriate, I'm not even sure you know how much so.



So have you slammed your dick in the door yet?


The ass or the pancake chick?


The ass.





Hey poopdick, go re-read the entire first post, it's not too long, anyone with a second grade education level could probably get it done in a minute or less. THEN go slam your dick in a door (or in your case your poopdick) for asking a question that I answered in the origional and not overly long post.



Dude, the boards have recently gotten better with the Trap envy thread, and holymac's sexcapades with his teacher, and on SAMA there's the thread about the guy who plowed his aunt. Should've posted this maybe 3 weeks ago. And speaking of threads that shouldn't have been made based on those rules:


^I thought it was funny, but you should've just posted it in the original thread. Mock threads are no exception, if they can't sustain themselves to a second page just put the joke in the original thread.

I don't mean this to offense since from my memories most of your posts are well thought out, but this was kind of an unnecessary thread, not because it won't get past 2 pages, but because it's wrong (bad timing).


Approval, This thread has mine.


V got pwned by an 09er!




So you decided to post an equally pointless thread? Hmmm.


I think we all agree that this is an 09'er we don't mind seeing post... again and again and again. Have you seen his avatar giant sized in his hub yet? Magic I tells ya.


This guy knows what it's all about :D. Too bad hubs aren't working right now.


I did read it and since this post didn't make it very far and pretty much sucked I was checking to make sure the punishment was issued. You know, just keeping you to your own very high standards on posts in this forum.


This thread sucks, the OP should be banned.



Irony & Satire.......