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boring cardio

I look aroung the gym today and guys just dont like doing cardio. I find it incredibly boring aswell.
Do males need to cv to lose fat? Coming from an ectomorph’s point of view, I think not. However losing the annoying fat around the mid section can prove to be quite a mission, for me and my clients.
Who has seen excellent results with themselves from CV and without changing their diet? Taking into account that I like to have a few drinks on the weekends, but doesn’t most?

I also enjoy a few drinks on the weekend so I do cv with good results. I’ve lost 2 inches around my waist in 3 months and have almost no gut or love handles anymore. I do 15 minutes on monday and thursday and 30 minutes on Saturday morning. All on the treadmill. The gym i visit has a cv section with televisions hanging from the ceiling so I watch sports center or something while I run. As for diet, I’ve raised my caloric intake to 4500 calories a day (40/40/20) because at the same time I am putting on lbm.

Oh boy, the long cardio scenario.

Seriously, if you’re not gasping for your life afterwards, your cardio workout just won’t reward you.

Check out the articles “High Octane Cardio” by Mike Mahler and “Running Man” by Christian Thibadeau (which briefly covers HIIT too) in the pervious issues section. Cardio sessions don’t necessarily have to even go beyond the fifteen minute mark. Plus your heart will thank you for it!

I do a lot of interval training. It’s not the least bit boring. I may go from an exercise bike, to the treadmill then to the stepper, then rope skipping, then hitting the heavy bag.

I have my own gym and and I set up all different sorts of cardio interval stations. I usually do about thirty minutes worth three or four times per week, when I am not focused on weight training.

Check out my HOC (high octane cardio) article here at t-mag. The workout is certainly not boring and you will be too busy gasping for air to be bored :wink:

Mike Mahler

ZEB, that’s pretty impressive for a fossil of your age, hehe just kidding. Strong work.

I am also a big fan of interval training. More bang for your buck. Also, I think basketball is a form of interval training due to the stop and go nature, and it is my favorite form of cardio by far.


Basketball is great interval training! I wrestled in High School and College never played Basketball.

Speaking of being an “old Fossil”. I was doing hill sprints last summer on a 3/10’s of a mile hill near my house. On the fourth run up my heart rate hit 187 beats per minute according to my heart rate monitor. If the experts are right, your max heart rate is 220 beats minus your age, I should only be able to get it up to 172 beats per minute. So much for the experts!

It’s what you do each and every day that counts a whole lot more than your age…sonny! Hahahah.

Heavy bag and jump rope. Alot more fun that the damn cardio machines. Take up kickboxing…punching(and kicking) people in the head is not boring. :wink: