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Boring But Strong Assistance help

I want to do Boring But Strong next wave. Maybe I am misreading the assistance recommendations or maybe I am not. 5/3/1 Forever says Push 50-100 total reps/workout, Pull 50-100 reps/workout, and single leg/core 50-100 reps/workout. I would like to do it less boring because I have found bench pressing and squatting twice a week really helps those lifts. I have never done much pushing on a squat or deadlift day.

Does that mean this template could work?

Bench Press-5/3/1
Overhead Press-BBS
1-Arm dumbbell bench press-5x10
Barbell Bent-over Rows-5x10
Hanging Leg Raise-5x10

Split Squats-5x10
Chin-ups-4x10 (I am working toward 4x10, but right now I do approximately 4, 3, 2, 2)
Lat Pull-downs-2x10 (I can’t do many chin-ups right now so I am working on strengthening those, but to get some added volume I do lat pull-downs to make up for the lower volume of chin-ups)
Dumbbell Triceps Extensions-5x10

Overhead Press-5/3/1
Bench Press-BBS
1-Arm dumbbell Overhead Press-5x10

Good Mornings-5x10
Back Raises-5x10
Plate Raises-5x10

I have 2 concerns with this, but I am not sure how to change it. 1. What are triceps extensions doing on a squat day? and 2. I want to do 2 lower back exercises to keep my lower back strong since I will be wearing a belt so I have goodmornings and back raises, but I don’t think it is good for me to have them on the same day. I would put one of them on my squat day, but I’m doing enough back stuff that day. I want to do something for my traps and more for my upper back in general hence the shrugs.


First day you have 150.

Start low, move up gradually

Thank you. So total throughout the week?

I’ve never seen Jim recommend doing the opposite lift on BBS. In fact I don’t think he ever recommends doing the opposite lift as supplemental anymore. It’s just another lift to warm up for and your performance won’t always be the same. My performance on 10x5 squats definitely wouldn’t be the same after deadlifting. He has a bunch of programs that have you doing the lifts more than once. Also it’s probably best to not program your assistance down to every exercise and sets and reps. Get a general idea of what you want to do and adjust during the workout . Some days you’ll feel great and others you won’t and you’ll struggle to get through it all. Know when to change it up or scale back so it doesn’t affect your next workout or even next week of workouts.

He said you can do the less boring option for BBB. I did it with the 6 week challenge, which is the compressed version of the 3 month challenge with great success. I could be wrong, but doesn’t it make sense that you can do the same with BBS? When I did the BBB 6 Week challenge, this is what I did…

Bench Press 5/3/1
Barbell Bent-Over Row 5x10

Squat 5/3/1
Deadlift BBB

OHP 5/3/1
Bench Press BBB
Assisted pull-ups 5x10 (my old gym had an assisted pull-up machine)

Deadlift 5/3/1
Squat BBB
Hanging Knee Raises 3x15

This is basically straight from one of the 5/3/1 books. He said to do a back exercise 5x10 on bench press and overhead press days and an ab exercise on squat and deadlift days. So now he is suggesting to do a few more accessories, but otherwise isn’t the principle the same?

You are misreading it.

Thank you. So to be clear when you say “per workout” you are referring to one microcycle (1 week)? I want to follow the program exactly as written. Also, I saw another forum topic where you told someone for BBS you cannot do the opposite lift so that clears up that question. Thank you for your help. After re-reading my original question, I guess I could have been clearer. I was basically asking if “per workout” meant each training session or each week.

I’m so confused you are confused.

It’s written workout, it means workout. Where does the week comes in?

I agree. I don’t know why this is confusing for me. This should be simple for me to understand, but I feel that I am not getting straight answers. Your first response was “Total. First day you have 150. Start low, move up gradually.” Total is not clear. Total for each training session, which would make the original post more accurate, but maybe a little too much or does “total” mean total for the entire week?

Every day do 50 - 100 reps in each of the three categories.
So you got i right in the first place.
I would not do Good Mornings on DL days. EDIT: they are to taxing on my lower back.
That is me, I would do Hanging Leg raise.
I like to plan every exercise just like you.
It is not nessasary, you could do whatever on the day, if you’re having a bad day.
BUT it’s your training, your workout. You should have fun, the way you like to workout.
Try 2 cycles with BBS with the same lift.
Then try 2 cycles with opposite lift.
Deload and evaluate.

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THANK YOU!!! This is helpful. My headache is subsiding.

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