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Boring But Big with Wendler's BBing Template

As much as it pains me to admit this I am still, for the most part, a newbie. My question to anyone with some serious knowledge is would it be counterproductive to be doing Wendler’s Boring but Big template along with his bodybuilding template? I have been doing this for a while and while have gained a significant amount of strength in all my lifts I dont seem to be gaining any size. My only concern is that I may be forcing myself into some sort of overtraining deal you meatheads are always talking about.

Second question: Since I do not have access to prowler what is the recommended conditioning for bodybuilding?

What exactly does this BBB/bodybuilding template mixture look like?

I’m sure you could handle it until you actually start lifting some reasonable weight. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Wendler recommends walking for your cardio if your primary concern is physique. Don’t recall where I read it, however.

If you’re doing the BBB, you’re doing a mass gaining program already. Why do one and half at the same time? Wendler has addressed the use of the Prowler and other conditioning modalitites in conjunction with the BBB template.

Your strength is just your newbie neural response since you probably weren’t working very hard before. It’s safe to say you’re over doing it and probably not eating near enough. And no, you won’t be able to eat over training. Just train smart, eat a shit ton of food, drink a lot of milk, take some creatine and a protein supplement and stay with that for a few months.

You can do a search on here for every article Wendler has written as well as dropping a few bucks and picking up the books.