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Boring But Big with 5/3/1 Beginner Variation


On squat day would I do BBB Olympic squats after regular low bar squats during my 5/3/1 work?
For bench would I do my regular 5/3/1 work and then do CGBP for BBB?
On deadlift/press day would I do regular 5/3/1 work and then Trap Bar DLs for BBB? What movement would I do for press?

Or should I just do regular 5/3/1 work and then BBB with the same lifts afterwards?

Should I continue to do pull ups as assistance work afterwards on 5/3/1 squat day and 5/3/1 bench day or should I do abs/lower back instead?


How about just doing the 3 day/BBB program? Seems smart to me.


Squat BBB
100 leg raises


Press BBB
100 chins


Deadlift BBB
Bench Press
Bench Press BBB
Rows - 100 reps

Prowler/Air Dyne on off days: no less than 45 minutes of work on each of these days. If you want more extra work, do 100 chins/day, 100 pushups/day and 100 leg raises (hanging) a day. The body weight work should be done at night on training days.

Before you ask questions about this program or template, do it for 6 weeks. Also eat. See a therapist if anyone thinks eating during training makes you gross/fat and unable to procreate with opposite sex.


Thanks boss.

Last part noted.