Boring But Big Suitable for a Beginner Lifter?

… just had a read of it and like the idea of it… especially because i need some size! would it be suitable for a noob? im also struggle to understand it a little… do you just basically do the normal 531 program exercise for that day then do that exercise for 5x10 afterwards? thanks

on second thoughts the hardgainer 531 looks better for me. is there no deload on the fourth week though? the article seems to state that its a three week cycle.

It’s not a three week program. In another thread Wendler stated that it is set up like his other programs? So you do a deload either every 4th week or 7th week, depending on your recovery. At least that’s my understanding

i see… so for the deload week you will just use the weight percentages stated in the original programme? thanks.

i may seem dumb but im just getting to grips with it to make sure i do it properly.

I don’t want to give specific answers to Wendler’s program that he hasn’t already given. But, he stated in another thread on here, that it is like his other programs. Deload after the first wave or after two waves depending on recovery. I personally did a different deload program after the first wave. I’m starting 3rd phase of my second wave and everything has been going well.

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I’d say BBB is probably the best assistance template to start out with for 5/3/1. Just don’t overdo it with the weight, and make sure you’re eating right, and you’ll be set. You’ll see results quick too

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thanks guys… looking forward to getting dug in!

BBB is never, ever, never, ever, ever, fucking ever use with beginners. EVER.

I definitely saw that one coming.


what would be best for me jim… as a begginer? Thanks mate.

Just found an article for beginners 531 on your page. Ill do that instead.