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Boring But Big? Goal is Mainly Strength

I Know that there are probably multiple questions about this already but could anyone tell me if the BBB 5/3/1 would be the best program to run for mainly strength, I do want hypertrophy aswell but i am aiming for mainly strength gains or are there any better 5/3/1 programs which will increase strength even more as i have seen so many programs and cant decide which one will be the best for my goals. Thank You

Best? No. Good, sure.

Just have an it instead of waiting to find the perfect program. If it doesn’t work after three or four months, try something else.

Get Forever book. There are great strength and hypertrophy based programs.

BBB is of course fine too. Use it as a “hypertrophy block” for a couple cycles.

They all get you stronger, if new to 5/31 then give it a whirl -still one of the best foundation/introduction templates you can do.
As others said after 3-6 months give something from Forever a shot, Krypteia and BBS both seem to have the best feedback for strength

That’s what I’ve decided to do, I’m doing the triumvirate/boring but big for my upper body and doing a different program for lower as I have seen things saying people’s lower body lifts decreased due to the lack of volume for it

oooh… different 5/31 template or different program?

Probably a different program but I haven’t actually found one for squat and deadlifts yet, I did make this one which I might try for a while.


Squats - 5 @ 70%, 5 @ 75%, 3X3 @ 80%, Joker Sets if possible(+5/10%)
RDL and she ugs - 3X10
Lunges - 3X8(each leg)
Ab wheel - 3X10


Deadlift - 5 @ 70%, 5 @ 75%, 3X3 @ 80%, Joker Sets of possible
Squats - 4X8@60% + Shrugs - 3X12
Leg Press + Rear delts - 4X12
Leg Raises - 3X15

I would recommend following the program as is. If you want to do something harder for your lower body pick another program within 5/3/1 or another program altogether.

BBB is for hypertrophy, you are doing sets of 10 with some light weights. More muscle will increase your potential strength, so this might be just what you need right now but there are other options that are focused more on strength than hypertrophy.

I get the impression that you haven’t actually read any of the 5/3/1 books, BBB and Triumvirate are two separate templates. BBB is very high volume, Triumvirate is low. How much volume is appropriate for you depends on what you were doing before and how much you can recover from, low volume for one person is too much for another.

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Yeah don’t bastardise the program before you even started it. Forget jokers until you’ve done several templates/10 cycles+.
Jim seems less of a fan of them lately also

yes thats what i was also thinking as i didnt think i could manage to jokers anyway due to the weight being heavy for me but if its a good day i probably could but i’ll leave them for now.

I have read some of the original one but i don’t really have enough time to read the whole book, I got the exercises to do from the triumvirate program which i think was created by someone else in collaboration with Jim wendler

How is it that you have enough time to ask questions on here? Just pick a template and follow it for several cycles, make changes when progress slows or stops.

Yes, thats what i’ve decided to do, I think its because I’m so used to doing so much accessory work that doing barely any will seem much stranger to me.