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Boring but Big Deadlifts Off a Deficit?


My weakness is off the floor with my deadlifts. I read doing deadlifts off of a deficit will be good for your deadlifts off the floor. My question is can I do the 5x10 deadlifts off of a deficit? Will it improve my regular deadlift?


personally would do them for heavy singles, doubles, or triples.


You can do whatever you want. You'll have to see if it works for you though. I'd think if you based your percentage off of your deficit training max you'd be fine. There is a 5/3/1 thread on here you could actually ask Wendler though.


Weakness off the floor is usually:

  1. Shitty technique


  1. Shitty speed off the floor

Neither of those problems are going to be fixed by doing 50 reps of deadlifts.

I would suggest doing some lower weight explosive deadlifts before you do your main lifts for the day. Don't go nuts on the weight. Just after you warm-up, throw on 40-50% and do 10 sets of 1 rep. Make every rep perfect. Then go on with your workout as planned.

And yes, deficit deadlifts are awesome.


Just something i do to work the bottom of my dead, especially for lower %'s:

for my 5x3x1, i have my DL weight set at 465. Jim's 90% puts that at about 420 for me to base my %'s for the cycle. When i do my boring but big, i work at about 55% of 420, which is around 230. To emphasize my bottom at this weight, i use 25 lb. plates instead of 45's.

The difference in the physical size of the plates forces me to pull from about 4-6'' lower than i typically do. This gets me deeper, emphasizes my bottom, and gets good work for the sets of BBB. As Jim says, when you do the BBB, the 5x10 is to emphasize the muscle in the movement.

This may not work for everyone, especially guys with super strong deads, but for me, i can really tell the next day after i do these.

*i do not do these every week. 10 reps are a lot of DL's at any %. I will throw this in every other cycle just to push myself. Besides that, i use the 25's for warming up into working sets.




It most definately will improve your deadlift, i usually lift off the box for speed... Here's a video of me training off a box...