Boring But Big And Goalkeeper Training

Hi Jim and everybody here,
In august I’ll start playing soccer as a goalkeeper in a minor league and this will require 2 training sessions every week. Considering that I’ll do mostly sprints and goalkeeper skill work, and that I can only train 4 times a week, do you think it’s possible to do soccer training after my weight lifting workout? I was planning to run the Boring But Big 3 Months Challenge.
Thanks in advance for your time.

This isn’t my thread so won’t respond to that but this I found helpful for a friend who had “gotten a little slow reaction time”

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Thanks, this looks interesting! But I was looking for a tip to combine the 5/3/1 BBB (my main goal is getting stronger and bigger) with a little soccer training.

Im not Jim but…

I think you need to decide on your priorities. Your goalkeeper training will suffer with 4 weight sessions a week. If goalkeeping was your priority, I would suggest going on a 3 day or 2 day weight lifting program.

If your just playing for fun, than continue as you are.


Thanks for your reply, yes I’m playing just for fun, I’ll be in the lowest category. My priorities will be always size and strenght.

You might be able to have it both ways, as theBird suggests. Jim writes about the 2x2x2 approach in one of his books. It might be worth considering using one of his 2x/week templates for 5/3/1. I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu 2x a week and the 2x/week variation of the BBB challenge has been a nice blend of weight and volume for me while keeping up my training intensity on the mat.

I played keep for a club team in college and did a 5x5 program before practices a lot and found no harm from it, though I was young and relatively new to lifting.

Do you have Forever? I’m currently doing BB The Upper/Athlete the Lower to prep for a military PT test and its working great. It would give you the BBB for the upper body but is designed for more running. You could replace 2 of the running sessions with your 2 practices. I think I would be way too sore from BBB Squats/Deads to be diving lol.

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Thanks for your reply, I’ll take a look to the 2 days templates.

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No, I don’t have forever. But running will not be a problem because I’ll keep it at minimum. My soccer training will be focused mostly on sprints and goalkeeper skill work. Maybe I can try the 4x week BBB before practice and from this try to fine tune for my goals.