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Boring But Big and Chin Ups/Additional Assistance


So I’m doing BBB now for 4 cycles with 60% on the 5x10 sets and and got some nice results. Means I’m going to do this as long as I’m having fun with it.

-I’ve read that Jim is doing 50 chin ups as warm up before going to the main lifts. Is that recommend for all 4 training days or only upper body days?

-He also said he’s doing sets of 10 between each pushing sets. That means he’s doing 150+ chin ups on OHP/Lat day?? … isn’t that a bit over the top?

-Then he said one should not do more as is written in the BBB template but on the BBB 3 month challenge it is okay to do curls/triceps/face pulls if you’re not going all out at these? I’m a bit confused…


First off, if you are getting results and enjoying the process think long and hard before adding something that might not help and might hurt.

Second, I believe some of these suggestions are a few years old and things change and evolve. Normally these days 3 assistance categories are recommended for each day (push, pull, singleleg/core). With a template like BBB you will need to cut back a little on assistance work. Jim has already answered similar questions regarding BBB if you do a quick search.

Finally, if you do the search and find your answers, don’t just add a ton of stuff you haven’t already been doing. Starting light and progressing slowly doesn’t only apply to the main work.

  1. No - what I did when I was 250 or so and very strong is not the same as what you should do.

  2. No, it’s not. It might be for you, but not for me. But again, you are looking at things to close; take a step back to see the entire picture.

  3. Yes, things change and evolve. Always progress and move forward. The principles remain the same.