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Boring But Big - 50% of what?


When I use the BBB template do I have to use 50% of my training max or 50% of my real max



Just use 50% of your training max for ease of calculation. If you haven't done the BBB template, I would suggest starting even lower like 40% the first week. It doesn't seem like much on paper, but it's tougher than it looks. If the 40% is really easy to get all your sets and you aren't terribly sore, you can bump it up to 50% the next week.


Doesnt really matter, no need to overcomplicate this. When I used that template I used about 60% of my training max - ie. the BBB sets gets a little heavier each cycle.


Yeah, easing into it is a good idea. BBB deadlifts will make you feel like a bitch.


Just do whatever weight you can do the reps with, start out low and bump up when you need to. Every lift is different and your max may be too high or low so its pointless to base 5x10 on it.


5x10 on deadlifts would kill my recovery and my lower back. I'm surprised wendler prescribed it in the book.


Well, the weights used are relatively low (as long as you stay between the recommended 40-60% of TM). However, its important to be conscious of your form when doing such high volume on deadlifts.


when your just doing the BBB for accessory, then 5x10 at 50% will not kill you itrain 6 days a week with one day being just heavy sumo pulls and then 3-5 sets of 10-15 on conventionals and i havent seen a problem with recovery. Plus high rep deads in my opinion pile on muscle mass.


I wonder what Jim would say to that.


Just use the weight you use for your second warm up set. Increase by the minimum amount when it becomes too easy.