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Boring But Big 27 Weeks

What’s up?

I’ve been running 531 programs on and off for ten years. I’ve tried Alot of various templates over the years. BBB has always been one of my favorite simply because, well it’s simple. I’ve had my eyes set on the “27 weeks of BBB” outlined in Beyond 531 for a long time. I don’t know how many times I’ve run BBB? Ten?I always get the results I’m looking for in size and strength. One thing I will say that I’m pretty strict about is running templates exactly as written. I don’t add things in or take things out. If I’m going to do that then I might as well just call it something else.

For a long time BBB was main work, supplemental, and one assistance exercise. I know in Forever you can add up to 30 reps of push, pull, abdominal, when running BBB. I’m not sure if that’s recommended for the 27 weeks. Either way I’m excited to start this process. Stay STRONG everyone!!!

On Jim’s page he has an article called “beefcake training”. That might give you some ideas on assistance.

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