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Boring But Big 13-Week Challenge... Again

Hello there,

Here I come for my first post (I think) to probably get bashed, but I am craving for some answers… or leads.

Here it is: I love the BBB 13 weeks challenge (1 mth of 5x10@50%, nxt month @60%, nxt @70%).

I recently met a guy who told me he uses a version that is (always using TM):

6 volume weeks of 2 w/ of 5x10@50% then 2 w/ @60%, then 2 w/ @70%
Then a “transition week” of 5x10@50%
Then 6 intensity weeks of 2 w/ of 5x5@80%, then 2w/ of 5x3@90%, then 2w/ of 5x1(!!!???)@TM

This sounds about as weird as a Smolov and I don’t have the expertise to go tweek variables like a dummy (who will see the bad joke? :slight_smile: ) but the percentages of the TM seem to make sense. I don’t remember reading about this. For me, the 3 months has always been the 50, 60, 70%.

Am I missing something, should I go read something? A book I’m missing? Which? Your opinion? Thank you so so much in advance!

(Usual forum disclaimer: sorry if I’m unintentionally annoying anyone or repeating something that is already somewhere else etc. etc. In that case just redirect and I’ll read. Cheers to you ALL!!!)