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I feel dirty.


wipe your nose


To the OP: watch out for green men


Now onto hot chicks putting on jeans...






I just came!


yeah man! now lets hit the showers!


who is that girl?


can you get my back, brah?

it's so hard to reach now that mah lats are all swo' up


op, dont get gang raped by imhungry's crazy squirrels!! it could happen to anyone


Shay Laren






Holy Macaroni your arms are bigger than Darrem's i think.

nice pic on the rope...i miss that stuff. Are you air assaulting in that one or just dicking around on a drill weekend?


btw i was trying to post a pic on a reply in another forum and as a retard virgin created one .
was wondering how much flaming i was gonna get..the first guy i think was hitting on me. Go figure on a lifting site does one get hit on by another man.


There's a big black guy running on these boards that apparently likes to hit on clueless guys which wear green t-shirts. If I where in you I'd pay attention.

Good luck.


I'd tap that very much.


I'm somewhat disappointed by the performance in this thread to be honest.


thank you. although i'll attribute it to having a much higher bf% than darrem

we were actually learning how to invert rappel in order to peer into top corners of windows before breaching. learned on the log first b4 we did it on the wall.

i am commissioned. no MOS for me. non-branched and non-qualified as well. it's a long story. take more pics of you with your shirt off and i'll tell you all about it

i'd say you need at least 40 more lbs if you even want to consider a MMF.