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Bored? Try These Brain Tests




then, if you don't have a headache, and you want one....


If you blink fast a couple of times you can make it change direction. The brain is funny.


Damm....no amount of blinking changes my direction hehe....clockwise.


You can change the percieved rotation by thinking about which way you want to see it turn before looking at it. If it starts out as clockwise. Close your eyes and picture it going counter-clockwise, then open your eyes. It should then be rotating counter-clockwise.


Hour long headache. Thanks.



For the life of me I cannot make it turn anti-clockwise. It is kind of funny given that the left brain description fits me better than the right.


If you want to make it go anticlockwise, cover the body so that only the bottom foot is showing, then look at the shadow beneath it. Focus on the shadow going anticlockwise and then mentally sync the motion with the foot so that the foot is now going anticlockwise. Then take your hand away, and voila! The whole dancer going anticlockwise.

For me, it takes concentration to be able to perceive it going anticlockwise. My brain seems to default to the clockwise position. Once my attention lapses, it starts going clockwise again.


no problem.


I also could not force it to go into another direction. But if I showed it to someone else after waiting awhile it would flip for me, and then again I could not force it to go the opposite way for the life of me.

also I'm pretty sure the left brain/right brain thing is basically bunk (as related to this test).


This particular test boggles my mind, it seems it can't be true, but it's amazing what the brain is doing......



It's too difficult to focus on anything with that silhouette's breasts being so perfect.