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Bored of Cardio


Keg Toss - 5 Tosses (Rest 30 Seconds between Tosses)

Tire Flips - 3 Sets of 5 Flips (Rest 3 mins between Sets)

Farmers Walk "ZigZag" - 3 Sets of 50 Yards (Rest 3 mins between Sets)

Sand Bag

Atlas Stone
- 55 Gallon drum for a stand with tire mounted top -

Backward Sled Drag - 2 Sets of 50 Yards (Rest 1 min between Sets)

Ok here is my dilemma.

I have put together this strongman/GPP/I?m bored of cardio routine to do on my off days from the gym.

The Reason... To help lean me up and strengthen the lungs and heart not including the strength gains I will also incur.

Any idea on how to throw the sand bag and 210lb atlas stone in there? Got some of this setup from De Franco.


Carry the bag/bags on your shoulders, and hell rool the stone. lean on that stobne and rioll it with your hands while following it with your feet.

Both of these will hit the posterior chain as well as other areas

Good plan sounds like fun


Maybe stupid question but where would one get the material for these kind of routines? I mean I don't have any heavy tires lying around and stuff.


Tires you get from a tire store thsat replaces your tires. They have to pay to get rid of used tires so they ussaly will give away for free. If there is no place that deals with big tires. head to a tractor selling place and ask them. If you are looking for other equipment send me a PM and I will point the way.


Use ordinary car or truck tires. Drill holes in them and bolt them together with 3/8 "eye" bolts and wing nuts. No wrench required to assemble. The drilling is bit of a chore. Use plywood washers about 3" x 3". 4 tires is not to bad. 5 tires is a bitch because it doesn't flip even or in a straight line.



Not a bad idea at all. Damn 5 tires would be a killer!