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Bored? Help a brotha out.

Hey guys, I wrote up a program for myself I was going to try for a couple of weeks. Its pretty much a modified growth surge project that focuses on some of my weak points and a few things I’ve been interested in trying. I used bits and pieces of Ian King programs & articles that I liked, and a few things from recent articles. If you’re bored or you’ve got time… I’d appreciate some suggestions/flames/comments… whatever. I posted it here… (hopefully the mods allow it) http://members.aol.com/harryhood321/. Thats it. Thanks.

I think that it looks like a great program. It is an especially good idea that you put legs first in the line up. That may work well for you, but I might be more inclined to space things out a little more. I’m beginning my modified version of the Growth Surge Project stage 2 on Monday. I prefer to each body part twice in the week on different days. Here’s what I’m doing. Mon A.M. - Core Body Work, Mon P.M. - Quad Dominant, Calves. Tues A.M. - Arms, Tues P.M. - Horizontal Push and Pull. Wed. - off. Thurs A.M. - Core Body Work, Thurs P.M. - Hip Dominant, Calves. Fri A.M. - Arms, Fri P.M. - Vertical Push and Pull. Even though there is a distint difference in the two Push/Pull and Leg days, there is still a significant amount of overlap in working muscles. I just wanted to spread things out a little more rather than double up the same muscle groups on the same day. Honestly, I don’t think either system is going to go wrong, but I thought I give you something to think about. As for volume, I think that you are right on. I have a similar amount of volume planned for my stage. Good luck and have fun with this amount of training.

I like the exercises, but I think AM/PM sucks.
how bout a horizontal/vertical (bench with rows, military/pull ups?) then arms, and then legs?

Looks pretty good. Great job integrating several different approaches into your own training needs. Just a couple things you might want to try: On a few days you start with six-rep sets, the go to 10-rep sets, and back to six. You might want to put all the six-rep sets at the beginning and use the 10-rep ones as backoff sets. For instance, do squats, then box squats, then front squats. Also, I hated doing deadlifts in the afternoon after doing squats in the AM, so I trained hip-dominant first. Your call, though (depending on whether your quads need emphasis). Also, you might want to throw upright rows into your delt/trap day as a good way to transition from delt work to trap work (maybe as the first set of a triset). It would be a good break from the typical shrugging movements. Finally, you might want to consider the old Poliquin recommendation for training the same bodypart twice a day: Low reps in the morning and high reps at night. Just my 2 cents. Keep us posted on how it goes. Best of luck.

Thanks guys… Jason- yeah, I was trying to work something out like that at first… it just kind of worked out like it did… I may reorganize it so I repeat one of the workouts on Saturday… I want to try to hit my chest, legs, and back twice in a week (not the same week, but ya know… so each one gets hit four times in the three week phase.) I think I have a decent plan for it… I just wanted to see if people liked the exercises. - Steve -thats how it wrote it up originally, but I’ve done things like that in the past and gotten better results training like that (your typical back/bi’s, chest/tri’s deal). I’m not sure how it’ll work with an a.m/p.m split though… guess I’ll just have to see. - Eric - yup, thought about that too ;]. I really just tried to follow the suggested reps in the GSP, and thats kind of how it works, right? But, I think I might throw in a set or two of upright rows… I haven’t done those in over a year. Thanks again.

Hey, for some reason that shitass aol server is down. I don’t know why I didn’t upload to my cable account to begin with. But if anyone else is interested in seeing what I came up with try this address … http://home.attbi.com/~jorrico3/ I left the file on aol, but I don’t know whats wrong with it. I’d love to hear what others have to say though. Thanks again guys and take it easy.

a bodybuilder, AND a Phish phan??
and here I thought I was the only one.