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Bored and Single...


Not a whole lot happening on the boards, absolutely nothing is on tv, and buddies are all working. So, i Busted out the ole xbox, and now find myself playing Halo, while reminiscing at the good ole days. Oh boredom, i curse you.


Pretty much same. Playing Bioshock 2.


I'm bored as fuck too, my girl isn't coming over until sunday so I'm just waiting 30 mins to get my final meal in and then passing out. My TV broke, my brother has my PS3 and the 1.2k gaming comp I ordered doesn't even work. My apartment is a dungeon! lol


ROfl how does ur computer not work send that shit back unless you got a virus looking at porn then thats your own fault LOl


Sucks ass right? I mean hell, i actually watched Dane cook for a good 2 mins, then i just couldnt stand it anymore. That man is to comedy as Nascar is to sports.


haha, like I even went and did a third cardio session tonight because I was so bored. Diablo II had been holding me over for about a month but once again it has lost it's appeal, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF RIGHT NOW!!!


what a way to spend a saturday night =(

[edit] and by saturday, of course i mean Friday. Dur.


Im seriously just F'd here. I live in the boonies, so im not near anything, i snapped one of my strings on my guitar, ive kicked the shit out of my good Ps3 games not long enough ago for me to pick em up, no decent comp games atm...only thing keeping me from just laying in bed and trying to sleep is picking up Halo after however many years, putting in on Legendary, and just diving in lol


Halo is so much funner on co op... So, how bout with the cross-entertaining? Eh?
Entertain me Way, or else ill get the hose again!


lol I'm about to fold my laundry and read a book or something until I fall asleep, goodnight my love! <3

BTW you just scared the fuck outta me with your saturday night comment. B/c I work at a club saturday night and I put the mouse over the time and it said Saturday and In the haze of my boredom I was like WTF ITS SATURDAY?! FUUUUCCCCCKKK

Its ok though, I figured it out :slight_smile:


you dirty whore =(


I'm single, working 35-40 hours a week..plenty of money to spend etc but im still bored as fuck and a bit depressed. My best friend and I work at the same place, same job..so if I try to get the day off to hang on his day off..the boss calls him to work and vice versa. I'm thinking next week im just going to go do something fun no matter what. Paintball..something. I keep a small group of friends (I tried a large group of friends and it sucked lol) and most don't have jobs or work alot.

The highlight of like the last two weeks has been getting contacts and buying a book I want to read. I think to myself..I should just quit bitching and work but I don't like my job and the hours I work ensure I am able to do little else every work day. Its 2am atm and Ive only been home about 30 minutes,..I wasn't even suppose to work today. Even the prospect of buying stuff doesn't do much for me, even an iphone 4.0


I re-installed starcraft the other day and have been playing on battlenet, seeing as the new starcraft comes out....July 27th I think. If anyone plays or thinks they'll install it, i play brood war on US east, profile blaze_xssm. Spent a good 3 hours playing tonight as the gf played sims. We both just wanted a night of relaxing after a week of work.


There I finished BS2. Yay lol.

Ima sleep now.


Haven't any of you guys heard of rubbing one out - you can always try doing a stranger if you are really bored.


I'm watching Mortal Kombat:Annihilation. The lulz are truely epic


Lol @ Dickbag. Now we know how YOU spend your boring moments.


The epitome of celluloid excellence right there. I heard the producers turned down Sidney Poitier and Sir Anthony Hopkins for roles because they were "good, but not 'Mortal Kombat:Annihilation good'".

The following scene is studied rigourously in screenwriting classes for its depth and complexity...


Funny you should bring that part up, I was considering turning it off until that part but then I decided that the rest will probably be worth watching just in case something that epic happened in the rest of the movie.
I was not disappointed.


when i first heard of the 2nd MK, i was so excited. I thought there'd be a lot cooler characters and better fighting. Was so disappointed. I mean, replacing Christopher Lambert as Raiden with that scrawny bucktooth dude, UGH. Lambert had an awesome raiden voice. LOL i still remember the scene where he laughs, says "I dont think so," and electricity sizzles out from his finger. Epic. And other things. I just hated the 2nd movie in its entirety, not one redeeming quality.