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Bored and Need Help

About 4 months ago, I started CT’s Rennaisaince Body Development program. I figured this was a good program for me as I was new to strength training and I needed a program that was simple, would help me get better at the basic lifts, and would allow me to build a good base of strength. It worked pretty well because I gained about 20lbs of muscle (122lbs to 145lbs) and my strength went up (though my lifts are by no means impressive). Anyway, I feel like I’ve come as far with that program as I can and I need to start something new. I was thinking something like this:


  1. power clean 5 x 3
  2. squat 2 x 5, 3 x 3
    3A) bench 5 x 5
    3B) bb row 5 x 5
  3. romanian dead 3 x 8
  4. ab circuit
  5. bodyweight circuit


  1. snatch 5 x 3
  2. deadlift 2 x 5, 3 x 3
    3A) bradford press 5 x 5
    3B) pullup 5 x 5
  3. good morning 3 x 8
  4. ab circuit
  5. bodyweight circuit


Here’s where I need help. I was thinking Friday should be a repetition day but I don’t really know how to organize it to fit in the rest of my program.

My goals are a bit unique as I’m a martial artist (Jeet Kune Do) so I want to be fast and powerful but I’m also an actor, so I have to look good too.