Borderline low T at ~320ng/dl but cant get a prescription in Canada while symptomatic

Wanting to maybe start a dose to see if it will aleviate any of my symptoms but unsure what dose to start at. I’ve read they will typically run someones trt dose at 100-200mg per week. Would the 100-200mg stated above be a good place to start? I’ve also read some posts with people stating that doses as low as those would be a waste, that being said many posts seem contadict each other with conflicting information. I understand that dosage is dependent to individual response, as well as blood work levels, I’m mostly looking for what people have used and how its helped them.

Thank you

100mg/wk is probably about the lowest you will see results. Some people need less than that, but I believe they are the outliers.

Most people would be able to get symptom relief and quality of life improvement at 125-150mg/wk.

Below is some data points for your dosing consideration

And here is some community gathered data on dose response


The difference between 320 and 250 ng/dL is miniscule, you would have trouble feeling a dramatic difference in how you felt. With how inaccurate the lab testing is, plus or minus 70 ng/dL, it’s difficult to get an accurate laboratory value and therefore diagnosis.

You could take one sample of blood, split it into two and get 320 on one test and 240 on the second test, but in reality both are exactly the same.

I’ll remind you now, you can’t qualify for TRT under most insurance companies unless two separate tests showing <300 ng/dL. This is a game the insurance companies play.

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This is amazing, and to be frank better than most other data ive been able to find. I appreciate your reaponse very much, thank you Andrewgen_Receptors.


I only recently thought that maybe the low T is the reason ove been suffering from symptoms like low energy, depression, etc for so long and this might explain why. Thanks man!

How many people see a difference when they start trt around that range? I’m at 436 and was told it’s fine.

Total T doesn’t define testosterone deficiency! What’s the SHBG and Free T?

Most insurance companies refuse coverage for TRT unless <300 ng/dL. Doctors a can’t bill your insurance company above the lower limit.

Please don’t count on your doctor to have your back, the doctor is in it to make money, and if he/she can’t, they send you out the door.

They didn’t want to test it, he only did total t.

Yeah I know. Said it was normal. I was like that’s normal for early 30’s?

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