Borat Rules!


Yeah Borat was funny as fuck!!

Sacha Baron Cohen has balls of steel. Does anyone else remember Bruno at the Taking Back America event? Or Borat singing the national anthem (at the college football game?).

Absolutely hilarious, the guy thinks on his feet so quickly.

god Borat is hilarious! Bong bong bong in other man anoos!

show me se look. Just show it me. Yah, ze post 9/11 look.

Bruno is very funny.

“if you do not vote for him, he will TAKE power…” snaps pencil

Borat picking up chicks:

[quote]Jason32 wrote:
Borat picking up chicks:

OMG classic! “She must have no history of retardationin her family”

How about when he sings in the country/western bar…"There’s a problem in my country, and the problem is the Jew…"etc.

The whole bar starts to sing with him.

Or when he goes to learn how to do wine tasting with some southern asswipes? He gets totally wasted and stays in character. Gets them to admit racist thoughts, fucking greatest shit I have ever seen. I love Borat’s take on women, Jews, rape, family, etc.

“I want to make romance inside of you.”

“She must have plow experience.”

“She must be tight… like a man’s anoos.”

Apparently the Khasakstani(spelling?) government is thinking about suing Satcha for his defamation of their country. They think its damaging to their toursist industry? If anything he will put that country on the map IMO.

“In your country you treat dog like we treat women.” Borat

Favorite Borat moments:
Upon learning that american women can vote, he recites the “chain of importance” which goes:?“God, man, horse, dog, woman, then rat, then small krutzouli”?to a female voter.

That and the bit about how to defend against Jews and their “jew claw” at the self-defense course was hilarious.

OH MANNNN!!! Ali G show, where do I begin? The newest season got even better with that awesome Borat impression! One of my professors actually sounds like him (he’s from Iran), so when I do my impression of Borat, they think it sounds just like him without understanding that I got the impression from this show. Everything about Borat is just hilarious. Anyone who appreciates Borat’s sense of humor is definitely a colorful person with a fun personality IMO. Some of my favorite Borat movies that I still recite and joke around with my brothers about: Jew claw scene, “Throw the Jew down the Well” country song, any time he describes the “Tich Nik” massacre, and anything con concerning women and voting.

“I will not leave until you swear on the eyes of your child that you will vote for my friend”

“He will take power like STALIN”

“If you vote for my friend, he will see that you have good days, but if not, (cracks pencil) you’ll be sorry”

It’s so hard to pinpoint any favorite quote but I always repeat what he said during probably all of his interviews:

“I like you . . . I hope (pause) you like meeee.”