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Borage/Flax Oil and Heat


how sensitive are borage oil and flax oil to heat? i know cooking with flax oil will destroy the stuff in it and possibly make it harmful if you eat it but i dont plan on cooking with it. i plan on using borage and flax oil in pill form because its easier to take. i dont plan on letting either get near that temperature i might just have them in my pocket for a few hours.


Sure, getting omega3s from a plant source as well as animal source has it's benefits.

However, many times flax oil is rancid well before you even buy it, for that reason it's best to buy full seeds and ground them yourself.

There are benefits to flax seed outside of omega3's as they also contain Lignans.


what about borage oil? i want to supplement Flameout and i was thinking of using FA3 but all it is is EVOO,EVCO, and borage oil. i already take coconut oil and olive oil but not both on a daily basis.


If you use coconut oil/olive oil on a daily basis, just go with a straight GLA supplement (like Jarrows or something). I don't use EVOO every day so I just take FA3.


i dont usually take both on a daily basis, usually one or the other. how many FA3 do you take? Biotest never really gave a dosage outline.


theyll be fine in your pocket.


I take 4 capsules of FA3, 2x a day (breakfast and last meal, along with my Flameout).