What is everybody’s take on drinking in the evening after a hard workout earlier in the day? I always get good post-work out nutrition in but like to have some shooters around dinner time. Thoughts on booze…

I love to drink, but usually abstain on workout days because of alcohols effects on testosterone and who knows how it effects post workout protein synthesis and such…but I do sometimes find myself having a few later in the evening…but in those rare situations I try to limit it to one or two miller lite’s (low carb) or crown and water…and hey if your happy with your physique and your happy with your gym performance then I wouldn’t worry all that much.

I think this is a matter of personal metabolism. I stay the hell away from alcohol these days, as it immediately goes to my abs (or lack thereof :slight_smile: ). My BF, being the horrible human being he is, can drink and not lose a single vein nor gain an ounce.

I don’t drink, so I am probably the wrong person to answer this question, but I would have to think that the answer pertains to your overall goals. Seems how alcohol has pretty much NO nutritional value, I see no benefit. I would think if you are trying to limit fat gain, alcohol consumption would be pretty darn detrimental. However, like anything…moderation is the key and you should be able to enjoy some of life’s pleasure’s…right?..haha. I know Patricia would be all for the beer…;o) As I can only assume she will chime in on this one. Where are ya Pat???

I drink quite a bit of Stoli vodka on the rocks(say 2 nights a week probably 10-12 drinks in total)and i still have a 6 pack,so must be somthing to do with personal metabolism…

I am by no means saying that alcohol should be avoided like the plague, cause obviously if one is very active and workouts on a daily basis, they will more than likely not see the ill affects. Pretty darn impressive that you drink on a regular basis and yet still have the 6 pack…;o) I know where I went to school…not many guys could say the same thing.

This came up in a thread a week or two ago, but it sort of died out and got lost in the crowd before any real conclusions were reached.

I’ve had a sneaky suspicion over the past year that the reason I’ve stayed so tight on my diet yet never got leaner was due to alcohol. I drink either red wine or vodka, and it seemed that–even taking into account the calories consumed via alcohol–my body refused to lean up. Maybe the testosterone hit explains it, although I wouldn’t think that alone would explain all the effects. Nor do I believe that alcohol has a particularly disastrous effect on insulin. (Oh, and BTW, alcohol is allowed in the Adkins diet.) I’m currently on Day 10 of Fat Fast–which effectively precludes after dinner drinks–and I wonder how much of the results I’m seeing stem from teetotaling.

So I guess the real question is: What metabolic effect, if any, makes alcohol more damaging to body fat than a similar amount of calories via any other source?

Please, please, please tell me this is only my imagination so I can go back to the enjoyment of a relaxing cocktail!

Tony, i am pretty lean naturally,and besides that just like you say, i am very active at the gym and in daily life,plus my diet is right up there on par…I would rather eat bland food day in and day out so that i can enjoy a few drinks,but once i get older(still in my 20`s) and my metab for some reason slows down i would stop drinking to keep the nice body…

Bosco - Here are a couple of biochemical effects of alcohol that can interfere with normal metabolism:

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption causes hypoglycemia. Alcohol is metabolized into acetate, acetaldehyde, and NADH. This causes an imbalance between NADH and NAD+ and inhibits gluconeogenesis in the liver.

  2. High NADH levels from alcohol metabolism also cause increased conversion of pyruvate to lactate, and subsequent lactic acidosis. Not something you want after already having tons of lactate in your muscles from working out.

  3. A high NADH/NAD+ ratio induced by alcohol consumption slows down the citric acid cycle, which is used by cells to produce energy. Once the cycle slows down, fatty acid synthesis is stimulated. Normally not a problem, but alcohol decreases the ability of the mitochondria to oxidize these fatty acids. The net result is fatty acid accumulation in the liver, hence the name alcoholic fatty liver.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for anyone who drinks on a regular basis to take a vitamin B1 or B complex supplement. It’s a common deficiency in people who drink, and can cause neurological symptoms.

Wow…lots of good stuff, Scrub. By “good” I mean informative, not “good” as in “exactly what I wanted to hear.”

Looks like the future holds only the occassional pop on weekends…if that.


Goddammit, Tony…why I outta…:-))

Yeah. Beer. Vitamin B. The official post workout drink of strongmen/women.

I’m having a few right NOW. :-))

up to 2 drinks a day can be beneficial, but they lose almost all health benefits after that. So I stick to beer… a guiness or two, or miller lites as far as booze, vodka and tequila and scotch have the lowest sugar. Ive heard Arnold used to drink a 6-pack before and during a workout haha. Maybe a myth but the article on here did say T lvls went up while drunk but not didnt incorporate the neg benfits of the hangover hehe.

I forgot to mention that although I’m not a boozehound, I’m all for a few beers every once in a while. Your liver is a very forgiving organ, but you can’t punish it on a regular basis.

That said, my best friend is getting married this weekend, and one of our boys runs a beer and liquor distributor. The beer goggles will be in full effect!!

Its as simple as this.

If you are serioudly trying to lean out, get shredded, etc, there is no real room for alcohol or cheat foods.

If you are happy with your physique or in a maintenance stage I see no problem with drinking. I do probably about once per week. Hey I enjoy life and the body Ive built I dont hide at home because Im scared of what a siz pack of brew will do to me. Once I feel its catching up to me, which usually takes 3-4 weeks or so, I go 2-3 weekends without drinking and Im back to looking pretty darn lean. Then I feel as though I owe it to myself to go have some fun, and I do.

Dont let your physique goals get in the way of living life and having fun. If going out and having a few are your idea of fun then by all means partake. Just realize it may hinder gains and a little decrease in bodyfat. Though Ive found if Im really good on my nutrition it hardly affects me, you may be the same. I also stick to low cal beer or vodka and sugar free tonic.

Just my opinion,


Ohio State @ PSU this weekend baby … gonna be a looooooooooong one


Booze is empty calories.

Once a week at a moderate intake is acceptable.
Do it every day and dont gasp in disbelief when your resuilts are less than optimal.

I drink two shots everyday of Rum at around 4 or 5 everyday. I still look good.