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Booze vs Pot

Alcohol kills brain cells, so does marijuana. However, I think the people that you think of as a lazy stoner have that type of personality before they started smoking. Yes, some people abuse it and it does affect their life, obviously thats true with alcohol too. I think there is just too much wrong information about weed going around this country, mostly spread by our own government. As my grandma says, everything in moderation.

One of the main arguments against the supplement bill that I have read on this forum is that the government allows people to consume alcohol and cigarettes which are toxic and terribly bad for you, but they are trying to ban supplements that will make you a healthier, more productive person.

Making marijuana legal would just be a step in the wrong direction. We should be trying to reduce the amount of mind-altering substances people use, not allowing more of it to be accepted in the mainstream culture.

Well then, Pho, shouldn’t we make cigarettes and alcohol for recreational purposes illegal again so we don’t look like hypocrites to our impressionable children?

i’m with T-Quin is all about what they can tax. if pot was leagal and everyone grew it the tabbacco and alcohol industry would take a substantial dive and therefore the taxes associated with itwould also drop.
It’s alot easier to grow pot (it is a weed after all) than to grow hops, malt and then brew beer

I was always under the impression that it was the person using said drug, not the drug itself that was the problem. If it affects your life and goals in a negative way then dont do it, if not then go for yours!

Prove it.
Marijuana has never, in the scientific literature been proven to cause brain damage. Check the facts.

Pot is illegal because of the Olympic Committee…oh yeah that?s steroids. I think booze and Tylenol should be outlawed, they force people to abuse them and die. It can’t be the persons fault in 20th century America, their parents maybe, but not the person who screwed up. (Before you flame read the sarcasm).

I like how the media ignores accidents caused by stoend drivers. I’ve heard of a statistic where there are more pot realted accidents than with alcohol. I don’t believe that, but I’m sure it is a signifigant problem.

m&m’s, yes i’ve read that statistic too, but it wasn’t people actually under the influence of marijuana, it was people that tested positive for its use. When i refind the link i’ll post it

I am in favor of marijuana, it helps me make my caloric requirements when i’m bulking and helps put me to sleep after i’ve gotten the shit kicked out of me at hockey practices. In regards to the brain damage thing, i don’t buy it. my neuroscience textbook claims that thc blocks the serotonin pathways in the brain temporarily, anywhere from 3 days to 3 months, depending on the person.

you kill brain cells when you sleep. big deal. you’re gonna die sooner or later and i doubt it will be from lack of brain cells.

hops take a long time to grow, at least 2 full season b4 you get enough for a good size batch. and they are a cousin to weed. cascade are one of my favortes

It’s societal for the most part.

One of my buddies is a Ph.D. and runs his own very successful business. He’s been a regular pot smoker since college and he’s in his 50s now.

I can say the same about other people that use alcohol regularly as well.

When the topic of illegal drugs comes up it’s always the extremes that get the attention even though the vast majority of users of dope and booze are moderate in their comsuption.

It won’t change because we make more laws based on misinformation and emotion than facts and for the most part always have.

hey hey hey hey…

smoke weed everyday!!!

Pot Vs Alcohol, This time… Its personal

Alcohol: Brain Damage, Coma, Asphyixation on your own vomit, pissing your pants, shitting your pants, waking up next to ugly chicks, waking up next to fat chicks, waking up next to fat AND ugly chicks, waking up next to a hot chick but she was a good friend of yours for years now things are awkward between you two, DOmesitc Violence Galor (ZEB, maybe you can fill us in on this since you were a cop, how many domesitic violence calls involve alcohol? How many involve pot), Cirrosis of the liver, saying dumb ass things you cant take back or shouldnt have said, fighting

Dry mouth, the muchies, red eye, and upper respiratory problems if your a regular smoker (I know many user who dont smoke but cook it in brownies and butter and what have you)…

Yup, i can DEFINITLY see why pot is illegal and Alcohol isnt

It’s interesting how they never report pot related accidents. I heard a statistic before that there are more pot related accidents than drunk driving. I don’t belive that, but I’m sure pot causes a lot of accidents.

What they do report is how many people in accidents that test positive for dope. It doesn’t mean they were high though and that’s the misleading part. At least with booze they have a curve and can say above X level you’re fucked up. With pot they just look for a positive result, which can easily be a WEEK after you smoked it.

Being detectable doesn’t mean it contributed in any way to the accident.

what was i gonna say again???

let me go smoke another joint maybe ill remember.

All jokes and folk wisdom aside, most of the times I’ve been stoned and behind the wheel of a car, I think I’ve been absolutely lucky to leave the car alive.

Other times, I had to make all these overcompensations for reaction time, perceived speed, etc. and in order to both appear normal and not make any deadly mistakes, driving became a very conscious activity (the kind best done sober).

One time, I actually had to park the car in a lot and walk the rest of the way home. I came back the next day and the car was almost perpindicular to the parking lines.

Hey Smith…

How about not driving after smoking, same as alcohol??


Want to hear something incredibly irresponsible and cretinous?

Once many, many years ago I did a microdot. I was tripping my nuts off, hallicunating, getting very confused. I used to do alot of acid and thought nothing of popping two tabs but this stuff was like nothing i’d ever tried before.

Well I was round a mates house and wasn’t feeling so good so I decided to make my way home. Only trouble was it was by car.

So with my girlfriend (also tripping her nuts off) i preceded to drive the 10 or so miles home. Somehow I got to the next town in one piece and to a busy road which had lots of traffic.

It was 9 at night and i couldn’t understand why there was so much traffic. I noticed that the same cars seemed to be going past me in the opposite direction. They would go past and then a couple of minutes later would go past again. I was stuck in a time warp. How would I get out? Well I figured that the now staionary taxi in front was a mirage and that to prevent being here all night my best course of action was to drive through it. Slowly, just in case…

Unfortunately it was quite real.