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Booze vs Pot

Has anyone ever wondered why alcohol is so socially accepted, and pot is not. Forget about the legality issues for just a moment. I mean how many more deaths have been caused by alcohol wether it be by drunk driving or crimes of passion. How many potheads do you guys know that get in to fights. Just something I was thinking about. I’ve seen the reaction to marijuana on the forums has been mostly negative while alcohols seems to be embraced. Any thoughts?

You a pot smoker, Focker?

Lobbies and politics.

I beleive alcohol is accepted for the reason that it is legal to consume, while weed is not. Weed hasn’t made its way into the mainstream culture yet, where it can be embraced as widely as alcohol is. Too many close minded people in my opinion. I mean ciguarettes and booze are legal, but weed isn’t? Doesn’t make too much sense to me. Personally I would choose weed over alcohol any day.

Purely societal. However, given the choice between having a friend in my life that was hardcore pothead vs. hardcore drinker, I’d probably choose the hardcore juicer.

Make sense? Probably not, I’m higher than a giraffe’s ass.

j/k :wink:

Yeah it’s all a bunch societal B.S. Personally the chances of me getting trouble drunk is a helluva lot higher than when I’m stoned. Think about it, who gets in trouble sittin around watchin tv?

weed makes you dumb. just ask mdog.

Propaganda by the government is actually a main reason. They have created this huge stigma with weed use that is completely false, but drinking is commonly accepted. And because it has a stigma, the ignorant population keeps propagating it. However, I would guess that many more people smoke or have smoked than anyone realizes. Hell, 5 of the 8 democratic candidates admitted to using in the past.


Alcoholic beverages have been brewed and consumed for a few thousand+ years. Fermentation has been a part of cultural cuisines for ages, all over the world.

If beer were introduced to the markets in 2003, it would be tested for side-effects and declared toxic. If tobacco were introduced now as something to burn and inhale, it would receive the same warm reception as marijuana.

How about pot making you retarded? I honestly think it makes you slower. Just something I have observed, living with a pothead for a semester.

I’ve met some drunks in my life, and those are generally old men who have been drinking all their lives. They are also generally drunk when I met them.

I’ve met some recovering alcoholics in my life. While they did damage to their lives and ruined a part of their life, they are generally absolutely normal in every sense of the word.

I’ve met some dope heads in my life. They smoked pot on a semi-regular basis. They’ve already forgotten what I wrote at the beginning of this post.

That might be a clue.

T-Shaw are you trying to say that marijuana hasnt been around and used for just as long? It only became criminalized here in the 1920’s.

Politics, it’s much easier to grow pot and process it at home letting the consumers avoid paying taxes on such products, if it were legal.

My experience is that most dopers are just lazy; they weren’t too intelligent in the first place, or they just can’t be bothered to perform basic neural functions.

Not to say that it’s harmless, merely that a puff of marijuana smoke doesn’t render a person automatically retarded.

Alcohol can/does cause a wide variety of liver dangers, in addition to a rare-but-fun esophogial catastrophe, during which the victim loses tremendous amounts of oxygen-rich blood from their windpipe and, more often than not, dies. And alcohol is the only substance I’m currently aware of that can kill from its withdrawal symptoms alone.

And it’s curious to me, the crusade against the ill effects of tobacco (the endles litigations and whatnot) that was never directed toward alcohol.

One almost gets the feeling that someone big’s trying to direct the public’s attention from the real enemy…

I’m going to go hide in the basement in full camo, reading 1984 over and over until the Men in Black come for me.

Three cheers for circular logic.

I knew I’d get caught on this one, and I don’t have facts, but I’ll bet few people DO have actual facts on this. Here goes:

So far as I know, the smoking of plant matter for recreational purposes never occurred to anyone until Europeans adopted Native American ritual tobacco smoking and decided it was “cool.” That was a few hundred yars ago, at most. Many Native Americans now are repulsed by the idea that a “sacred herb” used occasionally for ritual significance is so totally “abused” as a recreayional tool. (But then, there are plenty of reservations who sell cheap cigarettes, so obviously not all Native Americans are staying true to their heritage in that area.)

I am assuming that burning and inhaling marijuana does not go back thousands of years, and was originally, like tobacco, probably NOT recreational. It was probably used infrequently for specific ritual purposes, and the idea of “getting stoned” regularly and to excess was NOT part of the use. So it doesn’t have the “cultural currency” that alcohol does.

That is my rationale for my statement. I freely admit that this is an educated guess, and am open to hear more facts backed up by historical research.

Marijuana, in the form Hashish (you may have heard of it) had been smoked in the middle-eastern countries since before recorded written history. It grows naturally as, you guessed it, a weed.

Some of the smartest people I’ve ever known have indulged in marijuana on a semi-constant basis. A business grad with a straight 4-point average all four years,… a comp sci grad with 3.8 for his 4 year degree…

I feel that for those who lack ambition, marijuana is a good excuse to be a slack-ass. But if you have goals and are trying to succeed marijuana wont affect you. You must be a mature person to use pot, alcohol, or anything else, responsibly.

What about those ridiculous and completely overdone anti-marijuana ads on TV now. They’re a joke. Total fantasy scare tactic bullshit. The best part is they’ll follow those ads with a beer ad. You gotta love the level of hypocrosy (sp?) that exists in this country. Alcohol is the #1 or #2 killer of people in almost any age demographic between 15 and 65 (weed NEVER makes the top 100). Yet beer companies sponsor every major “people gathering” event in this country. They sponsor auto racing teams!!! How many people die every year/day from drunk driving?? Is it just me?? Smoking grass is perfectly harmless, everyone knows it. If you smoke too much you get lazy and hungry, and perhaps even fall asleep. Scary stuff, indeed. If you drink too much you control of your body (and sometimes it’s functions),blackout,fight,puke (choke on it if you’re a rock star),slip into comas (depending on what else is in your system), and possibly die. now let me see…Booze vs Pot…hhmmmm…

Well NOW I feel stupid!

I should have known better; I forgot all about the Old Man of the Mountain, AND Herodotus. Herodotus mentions cannabis a few centuries BC. D’oh!

But I stand on my oint that alcohol had social and recreational significance for thousands of years, and so its dangers are overlooked. Cannabis was medicinal and/or ritual, and was not widely used for casual purposes until more recently, just as with tobbaco.

Sorry for the bad info.

Despite Prohibition, alcohol has a venerable place in the Judeo-Christian tradition. So naturally marijuana, which is also a psychotropic drug, would be stigmatized according to a double standard. Almost everybody since the boomers has tried pot and a heck of a lot of responsible citizens smoke it recreationally. Not me as of late, but to each his own.

For consistency’s sake, I think we should legalize every drug that hasn’t been proven to have potential for immediate self-destruction or immediate self-destructive addiction. So pot should join cigarettes and alcohol.

But it is true that laws suggest a moral threshold for society, and as a society, we don’t want to encourage individuals to be like the “lotus eaters” of The Odyssey. It may be an easier compromise to pass federal laws that preclude prosecution for marijuana grown at home and the sale of such marijuana, and replace fines and sentences for marijuana possession with the option of serious community service. The message being “we’re not saying you can’t smoke up, but we are saying that your smoking up will not prevent you from contributing to society”

It’s often said that a lot of people could be taken out of prison if pot was legalized, but what complicates the situation is that they are usually in there for violating parole by smoking up. We should at least give the option of community service for the portion of them the court hasn’t ruled have a substance abuse problem.