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Booze & How to Quit?


Anyone drink more than their liking?? If so, how'd you curve the habit?


If someone is a drinker and is mixing it with bodybuilding he/she should quit as fast as possible and fuck the ones who don't wanna understand that, that's what I have done.

Edit: the word fuck wasn't literal.


just get a new group of friends

keep your drinking buddies but have another group to mix into whenever your boys wanna go out and smashed


I graduated from college.


Not a problem for me! I respect my health too much!


You just double respect your health, that's not too much.


do leg day on a friday night at your gym so you cant go out :slight_smile:


I had/have a problem. My solution wasn't the greatest, but it's better than getting initialed 5 days a week.

Whenever I would crave beer/booze I would either drink a Ginger Ale, or eat like 3 or 4 oreo cookies. It was something about the sugar that made the craving go away.

Went through a lot of Ginger Ale for awhile, but once you get yourself in check, it will slow down.


Can this PLEASE not turn into a Drinking Vs. Training debate.


I like drinking,

that being said when i go out i rarely exceed 3-4 beers, for me that's enough to feel a slight buzz which is all i ever want really. a few drinks won't fuck up muscle gains, but if your dieting its probably a must avoid


You just do. I decided 4 weeks ago that I won't drink anymore... today I drank a beer and a shot of vodka and that was it, I'm not drinking a drop of alcohol for a month...


I drink for the opposite reason. I used to binge on carbs almost nightly. Vodka tonics and bourbon have done wonders for my physique.


I began to pursue my bodybuilding goals. Drinking benefits me in no way. An occasional glass of wine mainly for the heart and enjoyment.


I got busy. I used to work just normal 40 hour weeks which to me is not terribly hard, but once I started also taking masters classes M-Th on top of work, I found that I had two choices: stop drinking as often, or do shitty in my job and classes.

IMO idle hands really are the devils workshop.


How does one drink more than they like to?

Do people really drink until the point that they don't enjoy it anymore and then continue drinking past that point?

Is it really that hard to have a beer or two with your friends and then just stop drinking after that?


If youre not drinking in moderation you might not be seeing the resuslts you want for your physique. Really assess where you want to be in life phsically, mentally and relationship wise.

If Alcohol trumps all of this you might really want to reconsider things. Theres plenty of ways to get help...you could join an AA group they might be helpful.


Yeah man, there are quite a few people out there that can't stop. They know they shouldn't, but do anyway.

It can get pretty ugly too.


That's too funny.


Its not hard, I used to get smashed almost everynight. then I woke up and said nope, no more. didnt drink until recently it had been one year.
I had to ditch some friends, the ones that where true friends understood and didnt pressure me. I still went with them, I was the DD.

Live one day at a time, it became a contest to me. I focused not on a "drinking problem" but a "see how long I can go".
If its sweets your craving, thats different. Might want to do a parasite cleanse. Extra Glutamine kills cravings, they use that in addicts when detoxing.

Also when you go out, keep a bottle of water in your hand at all times.
Thank about the money aspect, instead of spending it on booze, make a plan to buy something or go on a trip.
You will be surprised how much money one can save, I know I was.

Saying that, most of its mental.


I used to train [Mauy thai, boxing] with a guy who used training to help him cut out hard drugs. He started training and from that day he didnt rock any more crack or whatever other wild shit he was into.

Set himself curfew of 930pm. He would wear one of his pairs of boxing shorts underneath his regular gear throughout the day to remind him not to go have a snort. He also trained twice a day to make sure he was tired as fuck and too tired to go out at night.

A little extreme but one mans method.

As for me i just quit after i moved back to canada from australia and i didnt have a crew of drinking buddies who were game for thurs-sun corinthian booze orgies. That being said i do hook into the very occasional scotch or wine every so often but i dont get written off more than 2-3 times per years these days. I did get a bit [a lot im told] beligerant last night but that was the first time since christmas.