Booty & Quad Progress

** PLEASE do not refer to the photos posted on my ‘hub’ as photos that are a true representation of what I currently look like. They are all relatively old and this forum post is the first time I’ve posted in a good while. **

I have been busting a** for the last two years in order to attain this current physique. I remember the time back when I was getting serious into lifting when I would literally submerge myself into online research and articles, picking out every bit of info that could possibly help me. After implementing that information in the weight room and ‘weeding out’ what wasn’t worthwhile, I’ve composed a pretty solid weight training routine.

Now, ladies, I realize that a lot of you might have a goal similar to this (perhaps not so much of the quad development, but many ladies I’ve seen are big on getting their glutes bigger and firmer). I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen purchase a plan (a ‘booty’ plan) only to get nowhere and attain nothing, except for a smaller bank account.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about this post. I’m not here to be a saleswoman; however, I am here to state that I sincerely believe my information is the RIGHT information, and that if you’re looking to build your body like I have, you need to get ahold of me and inquire. I’ve composed a very detailed plan that specifically outlines everything you would need to do in order to achieve a body (hip-waist ratio) similar to the one I’ve sculpted for myself. Don’t worry, it’s no ridiculous 100$+ plan that I see regularly offered (I used to not charge, but as a broke college student, I realize that this is something I could possibly utilize to help me make a living). I only charge 35$. Please email me if you have any questions.

I’ve attached a video but I’m not sure it will work. Please give me a few minutes to upload some photos into the comments so y’all can see my current physique! Thanks again!

Now here’s the pics I promised.


Same day as last pic, rear view. I have some long legs guys, so attaining a ‘stacked’ look has been rather challenging for me, but I’ve done a pretty nice job so far. (I’m only 5’4)

One more for the quads! (This screenshot came straight from my insta)

Also, if you look back at my last ‘rate my physique’ (heavy hip thrusting) post, you’ll see that there was this big stink regarding how I should not be rated as high as I am due to the fact that I don’t have any ‘back double bicep’ poses up or any of the standard poses up. You can go ahead and read through that if you’d like, or

I can tell you that I’m not concerned with your rating. However, I AM concerned about the fact that I honestly do believe I can help the ladies in your life. I’ve spent a great deal of time acquiring the information that I needed to build this body, and I KNOW I can help them do the same.

So if you’d like to bypass the ‘rating,’ fine by me. But if you’d pass along this information, I’d greatly appreciate it.

great work, you obviously know what it takes to achieve the aesthetic goals you’re after.

Regarding the ‘rating’ thing, I wouldn’t worry about that. The ratings on this site are dumb, and all over the place.

Anyway, keep doing your thing!

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Awesome fitness u made my heartbeat high

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give me a break please… you do not require any help just keep doing what you’re doing.

Now this is what I call a quality bump.

OP/Miss Harber updates? hows the training going

Hey! Got an email from Tnation ‘new activity’ on the post, so here I am. Training has been going well. I’ll just show pics instead of rambling on. BTW The tape was for a photoshoot I did two nights ago.

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One of my favorite pics

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Sweet baby Jeeysus :raised_hands:

Hi - I did a previous reply on this thread but it doesn’t seem to be showing up! If you get this then I would love to see your programme and more than happy to pay for it.

This thread is fuckin hilarious


Bump - need an update Miss Harber.


Quality bump man. :facepunch: :+1:

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