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Boot Camp

Have any of you men and women bee following “Boot Camp” on fox? Tonight is the series finale! Cannot wait to see who wins this one. I am usually not a fan of these reality shows (survivor etc). Nevertheless, “Boot Camp” is pretty cool.

Mike, I too love that show. Noone else I know watches it though. They don’t know what they’re missing. I have to work tonight so I’m gonna have to tape it.

The way that Witlow person won was bs. That wolf guy got all of his tags(points) by accomplishments. Witlow got them by bs votes from the losers.

How is it that all these reality shows comes down to a single vote? Coincidence? This shit is rigged.

I couldnt believe the way it ended. It was such BS. I didnt like Wolf but he deserved to win.

Hoser, have you heard the head honcho of survivor admit that some of the scenes were reshot with doubles because they didn’t like some of the camera angles? Now that’s some BS there!

DAMN WHITLOW WON??? Im just about to watch yaney give his final decision. NUTZ that sucks. I think boot camp was the best survivor-type show. Who cares if whitlow was more cooperative, wolf had the brains to keep himself in the game and the brawn to stay competitive in the events.

I’m glad Whitlow won…Wolf was a total fag. He’s the typical short guy who has an inferiority complex.

I caught a few minutes of it in between watching Dark Angel’s last episode all over again! :slight_smile: I love Jessica Alba. Anyway, that shit is definitely rigged. All these “survivor” shows must be rigged. It’s all about ratings. What a bunch of shit!

As a Marine myself I like watching and contrasting Boot Camp with my own experiences at Parris Island. The fact that the drill instructors are Marine Corps DIs adds to the fun.

Typical was when they won a night at the hotel and weren’t allowed any room service, that’s classic Marine Corps. Just when you think they’re cutting you a break. . .they’re really not.

I didn’t like the voting people off thing. That to me is a great way for the weak to take revenge on someone who was stronger or more determined than they were. I think you should just get taken off for failure to qualify at something or not being a team player not because everybody decides you’ve got to go. Look at what happened on Survivor with the bodybuilder girl. That sucked.

I was disgusted that witlow won. She is the biggest pussy i have ever seen. OOOhhhh, she conquered the wall…so what, she should have made it the first time. Wolfe was the true winner, he smashed her in almost ALL the events by a billion times over. Witlow just gave up on the “hold the tags over the blood” thing…she didn’t even try. and then she wins…thats real BS right there. Survival of the fittest, and she was NOT the fittest.

Yeah naturalman, pure BS. I heard that WWF is coming out with a reality show called ‘Tough Enough’ or some shit. The winners get wrestling contracts. I heard that the contestants will all be living together. Sounds like Big Brother meets Royal Rumble. Man, Vince will try anything.

yeah I was irked that whitlow won. Wolf may not be the nicest or most humble but he certainly was the best physically and mentally. I knew the fix was in for the “fittest” when they had them win by whoever improved their best time on a previous event - and surprising them with that also. So if you came in at the beginning at your peak you had less room to improve. A slug naturally has more room for improvement than someone like wolf who was pretty fit to begin with.

Genetleman, I agree, that show is fucking rigged and Wolf should have won!