Hey everyone hows it going. I am fixing to go into boot camp in about a month and was looking for some things to prepare me physically and mentally going in. Also what kind of diet should I pursue? Anyways any feedback will be greatly appreciated. thx alot Chris

Could be please be a little more…vague?

Seriously, which bootcamp? And what kind of shape are you in now? Are you training? What’s your diet like?

Give us some info to go on and we might be able to help.

Should have been planning on this about 2-3months ago. Not now. What service are you going in? If anything I would concentrate on endurance more then strength. Run,Run,Run,Run in other words.

As far as nutrition goes eat as much calories as you can (clean food though).

Weights go for more reps then strength.
May do some yoga, Qigong for the mental part.

Best of luck in Boot Camp.