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Boot Camp Supplements


On 1July, my 18 year old son goes to Boot Camp (called Plebe Summer at the Naval Academy where he's going). I'm thinking of mailing him a 'care package' the next day with Spike, creatine, and a good multi-vitamin. Note: they don't let you bring anything in with you on first day except running shoes you've broken in.

Any other suggestions would be most welcome, esp the guys who have done boot camp or one of the Service Academies.



perhaps beta alanine?


Just make sure you don't bring him anything from burger king... Don't want him getting those "burger king" arms now do we?

Maybe bring him a few affliction T-shirts


Didn't think of that! Bingo! Thank you!!


He's lost 20 lbs in the past 3 months, down to 202, and is very vascular now; no danger of Burger King Arms :wink:.

My main concern is that these guys run all day and get 3 square meals. Ordinarily I'd advocate just nibbling at fruit all day and then eat one giant meal at night, but they're too active for that.


Flameout and Superfood would be keepers IMO.