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Boosting Thyroid


My body does not handle caffeine at all very well. So I have found HOT-ROX not to work well for me. What else can I do to boost the thyroid naturally. This is why I liked 2tpro but its gone. which are better to supplement, forshkolin, guggle, l tyroisine , iodine. I saw some Didothyronine from some company but am unsure if thats safe, or down regulatory.


Its a simple question for anyone in the KNow???


The use of diiodo-L-thyronine will work, but it's definitely not what I'd consider 'natural' and it will cause downregulation if not cycled properly.

I doubt you notice anything from L-Tyrosine or iodine alone, but you might get something from Guggul. Carbolin 19 might be your best bet, though. It's highly effective and doesn't result in downregulation.


How effective are the glandular supplements for thyroid? If one were wanting to strengthen rather than just get their metabolism into overdrive, what would be the best option?

Also is Carbolin 19 beneficial for thyroid?




Yes, the active ingredient in Carbolin 19 has shown to be a powerful booster of TSH.


Doesn't kelp and selenium help boost thyroid output a little?


In the old threads regarding T2 pro, just taking idodine (kelp)and l tyroisine don't do much.

I was hoping to find a protocol for boosting thyroid and rebuilding metabolism??

no one has stepped up


Just shut up and buy some t3 already.


jesus, you've had two posters tell you that Carbolin 19 is what you are looking for and you sit like a spoiled prick and demand more? I should've just been a dick about it and told you to use the SEARCH button.

The active ingredient in Carbolin 19 is far far better for boosting thyroid naturally than kelp or iodine or any of that other crap. READ


Here is probably the most advanced information on the net regarding nutrition and thyroid disorders.


Happy reading.