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Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Over the last 4 years i had enough blood tests to know that my testo level went up but after reading and asking doctor, nurse, nutritionist and dietetician the why is still a mystery.
Please if you respond be specific if you believe or you know.

My suspicion is a cause or more is from:

  • i started to lift 20 months ago
  • i increased my eggs intake
  • i increased my red meat intake
  • i increased my oysters intake
  • i increased my clams intake
    My others life habits were unchanged(i am in my fifties).
    Thanks !

Can you tell us how high your scores went up?

The reason why I’m asking is I’m thinking of trying to raise my levels naturally versus going on TRT.


There might be more than 1 way to express it but my numbers were considered low but still OK at about 9 and now about 2 months ago it was 13.5.
Most people i asked said they have no clue what is/are influencing the up or down others pretend they know but it seems more like they believe or pretend to know.
The only 1 thing i forgot to mention is that for over 2 years i do wake up much earlier and it might be a factor that is relevant. All my blood draw were done before 10 AM because they believe that after 10 AM the numbers go up. But if the numbers go up after a few hours of being awake it might have influence my numbers over the last few years.
I read that at about 40 YO most men experience a slow decline so my up is surprising to me.

Your hormone levels can be adversely affected by dietary inadequacies, including a lack of iodine. Some guys with low T recover when an underlying thyroid problem is treated or resolved. You are getting EFA’s and iodine in the clams+oysters. You can add fish oil caps, flax seed meal or oil and nuts to your diet. Low cholesterol can also be a problem and eggs would be helpful in that case. If your blood pressure is increasing, high potency B complex multi-vit with iodine and trace elements. Vit C and natural source vit-E would be a good basis of antioxidants.

I am not surprised that those dietary features could improve your hormones. EFA’s are very important to brain structure and function. Your EFA increases may have helped you feel better from a cognitive point of view. Thyroid status also greatly influences brain function and well-being. Thyroid levels regulate mitochondrial function, the foundation of energy for every cell in your body. There can be lot more going on than change of T levels.

Suggest that you also test DHEA-S and supplement if needed. Most men at your age are deficient. DHEA levels at the time of a man’s heart attack are predictive of one-year mortality.

@ KSman
Thank you very much for your reply.
You seems quite knowledgeable in things i have no clue about.
I guess it is about 16-18 months ago that i started taking fish oïl supplements regularly.
I am not sure if it is a positive to have a higher level of testosterone since for many years years i felt very peacefull and it seems that more of it makes me more agressive. Commuting daily on my bicycle often car drivers put my life/health at risk and i get ideas of fighting back.