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Boosting Testosterone at 18...Recommended?

Before I begin, I would like to clarify that I am not looking for steroids to increase testosterone/GH. I am more interested in natural sources of testosterone boosting which should have minimal detrimental impact on any possible development of the endocrinal system I have left.

I am 18. I am 6 foot tall, and weigh 150lb, with 12% bf - little muscle mass, true, but I have been going to the gym doing the Rippetoe routine for 3 months, planning to continue it for as long as I get gains, before incorporating other things to it.

I have put on maybe 4-6lb of clean mass in this period. My bodyfat has dropped slightly (visibly and measured difference) and I have noticed a bit more muscle on my body. I have been doing the routine with a few friends, and my gains are very little compared to theirs. I questioned myself, and I am putting a fair bit of blame down to possible endocrine issues.

Obviously, as a beginner, I suck. But here are the stats for 3 months (3sets of 5reps), in pounds (lb), with beginning and current:
Bench: 87.5 ---- 105 (20%)
Squat: 115 ---- 210 (80%)
Deadlift: 110 ---- 175 (60%)
Clean: 75 ---- 110 (45%)
Shoulder Press: 50 ---- 60 (20%)

So, improvements in the legs, but little to none in the upper body, could just be fibers getting used to the motion. Disappointing.

I guess this can be attributed down to diet maybe. I try to reach 3500 cals a day, with 225g+ of protein, and 125g+ of fat, but find it difficult to eat - I just don’t feel hungry. I don’t enjoy eating and don’t mind the slight hunger feeling. I do manage to get around 3k on most days, even though a lot of it isn’t clean. I have around 60g of whey, probably around 1.5l of milk (60g prot), some peanuts and some meat.

Along with that, bread, vegetables and starch based products. If I feel I am not on target, I eat chocolate and other not-clean foods, maybe get a pizza or a kebab at night. But I am trying to eat as much, and fairly cleanly, but being a student not living at home, it is very expensive and difficult to control everything.

I had my growth spurt between 12 and 14, and started to shave when I was 15 (including neck beard). I have grown maybe 1 inch height in the last 2+ years, and I am assuming my skeletal growth is over. My build is moderately tall and lanky, with slight skinny-fat tenancies (bad lifestyle I guess) - I have thin arms, small hands and feet, and my face is quite long and the jawline/bones aren’t very defined. I do have a fair bit of body hair - hairier than most guys who are 18/19, but apart from that, my body built is rather underdeveloped.

High libido as a teenager, bash the bishop atleast once a day and and have a decent sized willie. But still, most things point towards a possibly testosterone deficiency, or just not a naturally high testosterone production - be that genetic or environmental.

I also supplement my diet. I already do a high intensity workout which should help to boost hormones, try to eat fairly well and a lot, and sleep 7-9h a day. I don’t drink frequently, but do delve in some stimulants occasionally which shouldn’t really effect my testosterone/gh levels. I take multivitamin, fish oil, zinc+magnesium and am adding creatine to the mix soon.

So, with all this in mind, can you come up with a conclusion to what I should and shouldnt do? I do not plan to delve on the route of injecting testosterone or any other forms of TRT anytime soon.

However, I am quite intrigued by some known testosterone boosting supplements and amino acids - L-Carnitine, L-Arganine, Tribulus Terrestris, 6-oxo (or other estrogen inhibitors), ZMA (instead of just zinc and magnesium). Would they be suitable for me?

I want to basically have a more manly body - I have the facial and skeletal build of a 15 year old, and it has been like that for a while. Prohormones/steriods are out of the question, ofc. Any other suggestions?

At your age I do not think that a t-booster would do much for because your t-production is at its peak anyway.

If it really bothers you take a test and find out.

You probably just need to eat more and I don´t think you´ll be able to do that AND cut the junk food.

So up the calories 200-300 per week and watch whats happening.

You don’t need any testosterone booster. I don’t believe that using something legal like Alpha Male or Tribulus would have a negative effect, but honestly at your age your levels are already quite high. Simply put, you’re not putting the effort in. Perhaps you are at the gym, but you’re not outside of it. 3500 cals a day for someone your age and height/weight is not enough. Up your cals by 500 a day for a week and watch your composition…no changes or more muscle, bump up another 500…starting to get fat, drop by 500. My guess would be if you’re lifting hard you could handle 4500 no problem. You’re not seeing results because you’re nto feeding your body enough. 8-9 hours of sleep is good for recovery, but you need to provide the nutrition to do so. So quit the excuses and eat!

P.S. No need to get into details about your penis and/or masturbation issues…having said that at 18 I was beating it a hell of alot more than once a day…so maybe you do have lower t-levels, but I doubt it.

P.P.S. Kebabs? Are you from the middle east?



OP wrote: "…but I have been going to the gym doing the Rippetoe routine for 3 months, planning to continue it for as long as I get gains, before incorporating other things to it.

I have put on maybe 4-6lb of clean mass in this period. My bodyfat has dropped slightly…"

After three months of Starting strength you should have gained much more than 6lbs.

[quote]Rhino Jockey wrote:

that’s fuckin great!!

Yea dude you should def be more worried about eating more. If your really having trouble getting hungry and eating, try out something like Black Hole by Controlled Labs. This will prob increase your appetite. You dont need a test booster.

I would recommend b12 injections over black hole for increasing appetite. Google synthelamin. Even just 4 days in my appetite has increased noticeably. Plus it has other benefits.

10 hours sleep 5+ days a week