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Boosting Test with Letro Dosing


I was reading a thread in which Bill Roberts recommended using a small (very small) dose of Letro to boost test levels in those with elevated estrogen levels (such as myself). I can't find the thread again and I am wondering if anyone has any information on this technique. Anything that can help (or not) is appreciated.


IIRC it was around 2.5mg/wk - or 0.35mg/day.

This however would be too much for me as this is enough on cycle!

I would really suggest only using letro if you are able and willing to have regular bloods (E2).

I would use Adex instead - letro really is harder to dose without the tests.

Adex IIRC is around 1mg/wk - so 0.14mg/day.


Any info on tapering on when to stop use? I think Bill Roberts recommended Letro because it had less side effects, but yah, I only have one blood test (estradiol 56) and I'm not going to keep getting them done.





the third being the study you are interested in...the other two will also be of interest


Great links, hopefully people have easy access to these. Would you guys suggest using the 2.5 mg dose every day of the week for the 6 weeks, cut into sevenths (.35 mg a day), and then taper off to reduce the rebound effect (body wants homeostasis, after all)? What would the taper look like if you had suggestions?


yeah...ergo-log.com kicks ass just good info as for reccomendations i am not the guy for that...i am on testosterone for life so i really don't use letro or anything else, crap i never used them when i was taking large amounts of anabolics, but regardless the science is certainly interesting. Truth is my friend regradless of internet gurus the real deal is your estimation is as good as anyones since the things we do are not exactly proven science.


I wouldn't suggest using 2.5mg a day full stop.


i should probably qualify my statement with...i have yet to see Brook lead anyone down the wrong path, or BBB, or Bill for that matter


do not I repeat do not use letro at 2.5mg/day. I speak from personal experience. It is devastating to libido, energy, joint integrity and general well being


How did you come to the conclusion that you had high estrogen levels?


I'm sorry, I should clarify. I meant 2.5 mg a week! That is, like, .35 mg a day. I'm sorry for the confusion, but yes, I know that 2.5 mg a day is totally ridiculous and way too high even when cycling.


I had blood tests done


I think it's fine to use the Letrozole in the manner you have described. Follow up blood test would be nice. There is no need to taper when you decide to discontinue use.