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Boosting metabolism while/after cutting

Guys, let’s say your in the middle of a cutting phase. The metabolism slows down significantly after about 1 month. Then, you want to get the metabolism back up to continue dieting or safely move on to a lean mass phase. My question is, if you raise calories for a short time (I read Chris Aceto recommending 3 days, others have said a week), should you reduce activity as well to convince your body it is in a time of plenty or should you do some cardio and weights also to get your body used to burning a higher amount of daily calories? Anyone know from personal experience or the latest research?


I would add T3. Or increase cardio-assuming you aren’t doing too much. (Myself, Berardi, as well as Mufasa due up to an hour a day when cutting up.)
3 days won’t do it-1 week might.