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Boosting Cognitive Performance

Hello CT,

For professional reasons, I need high cognitive performance, verbal agility, and high creative ability.

I am a 2B, and sometimes I need that boost through supplementation, but without using large amounts of stimulants. More nootropics, although I have occasionally used a low dose of ephedrine, modeling your intake, and I have that emotional explosion, determination, and fixation in the pursuit of tasks and goals. Even my verbal agility (I have to change 3 languages at the same time) is awesome. I’m able to look for new words or meanings at the same time I’m speaking, plus great mood and confidence.

The problem comes in the afternoon when I have a dopamine crash, which inhibits any will to continue pursuing those goals, but with that feeling of tiredness and low energy, my creativity remains the same or even better.

I don’t want to use stimulants in the afternoon, but sometimes I need to have that center of will and concentration as I have in the morning, and I don’t want my sleep and rest to be affected.

Can you recommend a strategy to boost my cognitive performance in the evening?

Thank you, CT

I would recommend caffeine-free Brain Candy in the PM. It will not amp you up, but it will boost dopamine and acetylcholine, both of which will help, especially when combined with the morning ephedrine

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