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Boosting Caloric Intake

What’s up, Guys! I recently read John Berardi’s article on Massive Eating, and I discovered that I need to be consuming roughly 4900 calories per day in order to gain substancial size (This is almost double what I’ve been normally doing).

I’m pretty careful about what I eat (several times/day), and I’ve even started keeping a food log. I also drink protein shakes twice a day ( 2 scoops Low-Carb Grow!) in the morning with breakfast and after workouts in the evening.

I guess what I’m wanting is input as to how I can double my caloric intake without feeling like I’m gorging myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


great question. I am having the same problem but i need about 3500 kcal. im a broke college student so i try to ration my shakes (mid after noon and late night, one scoop w/ 1/2cup cottage cheese yada yada yada).

I punched my numbers into the massive eating formula and came up with about 4300 calories. However I already gain about 1 lb every 7-10 days on 3000 calories (150lbs@9-10%). On 4300 Cals I was getting fat very quickly and always felt like hurling.

If you are keeping a food log then you should be able to figure out how many calories you are consuming and compare that to what’s happening on the scale. Then you know exactly what your own body’s requirements are. It makes sense that beginners can turn a greater surplus into muscle versus fat than a simlar person who is at an advanced stage of development.

If you are not gaining fast enough or anything at all then incrementally increase your calories. Remember that a daily deficit/surplus of 500 calories will lose/gain about 1lb of fat/week unless it goes to muscle.

Add 250 calories per day each week until you get to your caloric goal. Your body will thank you for the fuel. I can hit 4000 calories without thinking about it.

Like the others have stated, just make it a point to up your intake gradually. 250-500 every couple weeks until you are gaining a lb or two every week. Then stay ther untill you dont gain in a two week period. thenit is time for another increase. By going at it this way you will get the extra fuel needed for growth without TOO much fat gain. You will/must add some BF% but this will prevent much of it. If you are getting a bit to fat then once you hit the plateau and stop gaining just stay ther for an extra couple weeks and you should lean out a bit, the increase intake.

Check out JB’s Massive eating reloaded. He goes into much the same approach.

hope that helps,

Definitely definitely agree on slowly adjusting calorie levels. Fou8nd this out just recently, as Im on M.E. as well right now.

As far as adding calories to your diet, if your protein intake is high already (Mine is about 40% of my diet, which equals out to about my bodyweight x 2 grams per pound) and youre taking in enough carbs, that adding fat in might be the answer. One food Id be screwed without is walnuts. 1 0z (which is not even a handful) has 20 grams of healthy fats, 3 grams of fiber (only carbs in it), and 5 grams of protein, = 200 calories. Adding in just 1 small oz to each P + F meal each day = 600 extra calories. that could, over a period, turn into a few ounces each P+F meal, etc, and calories add up real quick. They’ve been a great help, especially at work as theyre so convenient and calorie dense.

P.S.- I do not sell, or own stock in walnuts. That is all.

Thanks guys! This really helps!!!