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Booster Shots and Split Routine


Hi everyone,

I currently do Max-OT 5 days per week split. I don't know what the consensus here is on the program, but I know it has been one of the only routines that increases my strength while cutting.

Overall, I have done very little direct arm work in the past, sticking mostly to compound exercises. My arms are now lagging a lot. I want to try Waterbury's booster shots program and do forearms, biceps, and triceps.

I know he recommends that the Booster workouts be done on off days or 4-6 hours from training. Does anybody see a problem with doing the arm boosters right after a leg workout? Or a shoulder workout? Basically, can I do the boosters aftera regular workout on days where I don't directly train arms?

I am asking because I work long hours and it really is not feasible to go to the gym 2x in one day. Any advice?


No the problem I see is you are going to add extra workouts on top of the 5 allready and you are eating to lose weight. In a hypocaloric state. If your gaining strenght now and cutting be happy save the arm boosters for when you raise the intake up again.

Thats my take,


I had sent this question to Chad via PM as well, and just so all of you know, he said it is OK to do booster shots on days when you're not working that muscle group. Thanks again, W.