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Boost My Endurance in 4 Days, Supplement/AAS Advice?


hi, i m out from exercise(and with bad nutrition ) last 6 months because of army …so im about to compete in army in some excercises( 40 push ups,30 pull ups,1mile running under 7 min) for up my rank in corporal i need to know if i take 10gr ed beta alanine will do smthing in just 4 days…or if i take pre competition some pills of winny will give me a boost…

p.s. i wanted last months to excersice and follow a stadar nutrition plan but i couldnt because i have many other things about army to do…


Here is an idea. So ask your RSM how to get into shape in four days. I’m sure he will gladly run your guts off.

LE reads this forum too. Moron.