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Boondock Saints


ahhh by far the best movie ever created isnt there a 2 coming out soon?


It's been talked about forever but nothing has materialized. Troy Duffy even had a partial script up for awhile. They just re-released the original in a special edition, so I'm guessing they are still scrounging money. It would be damn hard for a major production studio to rationalize funding a sequel to a controversial cult classic which was never in theaters to begin with.


I agree with the scrounging for money, I hope they get it. The first one was sick, and I hope the second one (granted, they make it) will be just as good.

Last week (?) when the special edition came out, they had it playing in theatres for that night. My friends went to go see it.


Sorry, guys. I don't want to be an ass, but am curious.

I bought BS off of eBay based on the rants and raves of many websites. It was entertaining, but no where near knocked my socks off...

What am I missing? What makes this flick "so f'in cool"?!


first of all u prolly didnt understand it at first, i know i didnt but i knew there was something i was missing u have too watch it more than once, everytime u watch it u notice something different thats the beauty of it..


There are two brothers killing people and then chanting a prayer over their dead bodies....and did I mention they have Irish accents.....and that people get fucked up.....and the Irish accents???????

It's not some sort of life changing thing, it is just a really good movie that you can watch more than once. Plus it's fun to watch on recreational drugs, so I've heard.


Its even more fun to get drunk and shoot your cat.


Well that's a relief. For a while I thought you guys were into Willem Dafoe in drag!


That movie sucks ass.

I remember the great word-of-mouth when it first came out on dvd and rushed out to buy it. The writing sucks. The soundtrack -- some generic 80's guitar shit -- sucks. The amateurish direction sucks.

Give me 20 grand, a bunch of guns and permission to use the Pogues back catalogue and I could come up with a better movie than that steaming pile of shit.


This thread reminded me of hearing about a documentary that chronicles the rise and fall of Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy. They've said he blew the chance to be huge in hollywood. Although, word is they did give him the shot at the sequel, which they are working on now. The film reviews make him sound like a real jackass. The documentary is called "Overnight". Haven't seen it yet, but might be interesting.


Fuck Ass!


Great great movie. Ive never met anyone in person that has not liked this movie. Im a little surprised by the negative remarks.


People in glass houses sink ships!


"We need some rope. Charlie Bronson's got rope, and he always ends up using it..."

"Fine, take your stupid fucking rope".


So uhh, what's the symbology here?


"Is it dead?"


Check this take on BS:


Other than "I'd hit that", what do you have to say about her opinions?


I'd hit it...and she's dead accurate.

I just checked rottentomatoes and allmovies and was shocked and gladdened to see that most critics -- who usually spray their shorts over sub-Tarantino-meets-Sundance dogshit like this -- hated it too.


To those of you who didn't like the movie I have one thing to say...

"Why don't you make like a tree and get the fuck out of here?!"


The fanboys are getting upset.