Does anyone else watch it? It is an NBC show but has also aired on Bravo, then TNT has been re-airing the first season. No word yet on whether or not it has been picked up for a second season but it will be a sad day if it doesn’t. Easily the best show on T.V.

sorry to say but i’ve never even hear of it. what is it about?

It’s a police drama. It was created by Grahm Yost who also did Band of Brothers. It is just extremely well written and shot with a very creative perspective. Some of the story lines are pretty original as well. I think it is on TNT monday night at ten.

It’s coming back for sure, but moving to Friday nights. What a great show. A little gimmicky at times with the shifting POV, but it’s got some great characters. Donnie Wahlberg’s Joel is particularly interesting. The scene near the end of the season where he tells his partner the truth about his wife is just about the most gutwrenching thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

So that’s why I’m recognizing some familiar faces from Band of Brothers working on Boomtown (Donny Walberg, etc)

Boomtown is an excellent show. I never noticed that Yost was responsible for this show as well. It makes sense with several of the actors being on both the Band of Brothers series and Boomtown.

Sabrina, I agree. I hope Boomtown is signed on for another season.


Yep…I REALLY like this show, but unfortunately when it was on, it was on too late for me. I have to get up REALLY early on Mondays, and Boomtown didnt come on till 10 on Sundays.

When does TNT show it? What nights and at what time. I watched the first 5-6 episodes, but like I said I lost track of the show cause it came on to late. I would LOVE to be able to catch up on the ones that I missed!

Tony G-TNT was airing it on Monday nights at 10:00, and Bravo has aired a couple of Boomtown marathons.

I am so glad to hear it is coming back, now there will be something worth watching on friday night!