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Booming Biceps Article

Hey guys…I found this article very intersting and am interested in giving the “hollywood microcycle” a try but was wondering what kind of split i should use to do the suggested workout every five days. Any ideas? Thanks. Scooby

You see, no one wants to read articles about bicep training, since everyone knows how to do that. So in order to attract readers, authors invent radical theories designed to attract people looking to pack on mass. Like, ‘Want big biceps? Do the deadlift!’ or ‘Want to have guns like Schwarzenegger? Try these rad ear exercises!’ I honestly don’t think you would add ANY mass following the ‘booming biceps’ routine; in fact, if you stopped doing isolation exercises, you would probably lose mass. Do something like Ian King recommends in Great Guns, or just pick 3 bicep and tricep exercises at random. Then train hard (emphasizing the eccentric), eat like a motherfucker, and get plenty of rest in between workouts. That will do far more for your arms than those new-fangled butt cheek exercises.

I learned the same routine at a Poliquin seminar last year for packing on mass. I would trust Charles’ advice more than Matt the libertarian… I say go for it! The routine is meant to build a solid foundation upon which massive biceps can be built. You are only as strong as your weakest link, and as Ian King would say… “I’m not interested in hearing your opinion until you’ve tried it”. I have tried this type of workout and it kills you!