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Boom Boom


I made it 1:13 in.


I just watched the whole thing and DAMN she's hot.


I haven't made it through yet. My best is the 2 minute mark


Everyone is trying to make a quick buck these days on youtube. A lot of videos on youtube are shit like this one.


FS she coulda dolled herself up first!? And what was with the OCD scratching thing. Kids these days - they have no focus ><


3 minutes and 8 seconds of my life I wont get back.


I watched the whole thing



She is the plainest looking girl I've ever seen


That was terrible. I watched to 0:33, then skipped a bit to see if there was anything else but it just continued.

Wait...did someone say she somehow makes money from this?!?!?


Is she autistic? I don't get it.


Become a partner with Youtube and Google advertisements. Place advertisements on your video and get I think a precentage of views from the video in the form of money while Google/Youtube get the other portion of the money.

Make absolutly shit videos that people will comment on and spread them on other sites such as TN and Facebook to get more comments/views. Next thing you are going from 300 views to 300,000.

NOT to say that all videos are shit because there are decent ones that deserve the views in my opinion. People can make a living off youtube videos but just barely get by. There was a guy, Shane Dawson that paid for a surgery through his views from his fans and thanked them all. This guy never gets under a million views on his videos.


Video got removed...