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Has anyone bought any good training books lately? I recently purchased High Performance Sports Conditioning and by what I have read so far, seems like a solid choice. Has anyone else given it a read?

BOTHER IRON SISTER STEEL by Dave Draper. Fun anecdotes of the past plus his system is basically GVT meets instinctual training . .I love it and it has been very good for me.
Buy from his web site davedraper.com

Has anyone read anything by Peary Rader, Thomas Inch, George Jowett, Arthur Saxon, Harry Paschall or Maxick? Let’s hear reviews!

Give Science and Practice of strength training by Vladimiz Zatsiorsky a shot. It is five years old but explains topics like explosive strength deficit, rate of force development etc.

I bought a Kama Sutra book or however the hell u spell it. It’s great! The workouts are fun, fun & hard.

I’ve finished reading Charles Staley’s book, The Science of Martial Arts Training. I think that it has a great deal of information for anyone who uses resistance training (not just martial artists). I’ve read a lot about periodization in the past, none of it equals what Charles Staley says in his concise manner.

I’ve read Harry Paschall’s books, “Muscle Moulding” and “Development of Strength”. “Development of Strength” is an excellent book. He writes about developing core strength and has stories in it about old time lifters as well. There are also several routines outlined in the book. It is really interesting reading. By reading it you see how the current crop of strength coaches were influenced by the older guys. “Muscle Moulding” is ok, but focuses more on bodybuilding.

Peary Rader’s books are good as well. There is a lot of interesting stuff available at superstrengthbooks.com I like collecting and reading about the "old timers’ myself.