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Looking for the best books I can read to help me get started. Anyone have any recomendations ?

Why buy books when you can get the best info for free!?!?

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[quote]uclastud wrote:
Looking for the best books I can read to help me get started. Anyone have any recomendations ?[/quote]

Anything on Oprah’s book list.

meso-rx online has a lot of information and books for purchase. Many now say that the very first “must read” for potential steroid users is Rick Collins’ Legal Muscle. It lays down the line on all of the legal aspects, written by a guy who has dedicated his profession to defending and knowing everything there is about steroids and the law.

Since this question is about Steroid Books (I’ll assume), I’d like to throw my own hat in the ring…if you look at my avatar (the picture thingy to the left), you’ll see the cover of the book I wrote (yes, I’m serious). Its just over 350 pages, and was sent off for final editing and publication earlier this week. I don’t know if it’s against the rules to promote a product not produced or sold on this site, but the name of the book is:

Anabolic Steroids: Ultimate Research Guide, Volume 1.0

By Anthony Roberts

So far, I’ve only submitted one article to T-Nation, but based on the response to it, I’ve been given another assignment by TC, and that’ll be finished by the end of this week…so hopefully people like what they see from me so far, and pick up a copy of it.

If the question was about training books, I’d reccomend Poliquin’s stuff (I own all of it) or Bompa’s work (he’s got some cool stuff on nutrition). For “historical purposes” you might want a copy of Duchaine’s USH Volume I & II, even though it’s arguably very dated now (*2 decades later).

have’nt found anything positive in any books.
have you?

What do you mean Raul?? I don’t understand. Books are educational tools… that’s positive, isn’t it?


I use William Llewellyn’s Anabolics 2005 as a reference.

I’m currently reading “Underground Body Opus” by the late Dan Duchaine as reference on diet and perfecting my physique.

Now go spread love and peace throughout the world.

[quote]Chivas989 wrote:
Why buy books when you can get the best info for free!?!?

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i agree, ‘anabolics 2005’ is a huge waste of money. everything in that book you can find online. anabolics 2005 is for the lazy researcher, and it still comes short at that. you’ll still have a lot of question after reading that book.

YOu just called me a lazy researcher?!!


How do you consider flipping through a book, any more lazy than searching on the internet? Please elaborate.

The book is a good reference for available AAS, and a host of other compounds. It has updated lists of counterfeit products in circulation, and lab assays on products. I call that useful Huey.

Another thing, if you can find everything on the internet, and consider reading lazy… then why do I see you asking questions regarding capping and AAS, opposed to just finding it with a quick search?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I agree, Anabolics 2005 is a great book and everyone interested in aas should giv it a read. Yes the information is out there on the net, but here is nothing lazy about reading a book fer chrissakes!


Anabolics2005 is, in fact, a great book. The only thing I take issue with in it is that there isn’t a lot of creativity in it. It’s basically profiles that are very conservative, and not much is done with some of the more recent and interesting research involving various Anabolics and such. Here are a few examples:

Llewellyn lists the proper dose of Arimidex as 1mg/day.

Ok…yea…you can take 1mg/day…but why would you do that when current research suggests that half that dose (.5mgs) is basically equal to a full 1mg dose (1)? I mean…yeah, you can save half your money on Arimidex, so why wouldn’t you just do .5mgs? Why isn’t that in there?

He tells you how much HCG to use, yet tells you to use it with Clomid even though although Nolvadex is the better choice, and has PROVEN to be VERY synergistic with HCG (3)(4)…and why doesn’t he tell you that vitamin E will raise the blood plasma testosterone response to HCG (2).

And…I mean…why use Ketotifen ($40/box) to upgrade Beta-receptors, when Benadryl is 1/10th the cost? Benadryl works to have the same effect as Ketotifen, and does so by inhibiting phospholipase A2, which is the enzyme that breaks down methylated phospholipids, which in turn keeps the phospholipid membrane stable, and thus keeps the receptors functioning properly.

I guess what I’m saying is that the research is there…but it (to me) reads like a catalogue or textbook, and doesn’t really have many creative or interesting approaches to anabolics. I wrote my book to be what I’d want to read…like…easy to understand, but very cutting edge…you know?

I guess, I’m saying (and of course I’m biased) that I’d prefer a more Duchaine-type approach to things…put a theory out there, tell us something new, ya know?

None of this is to say Anabolics2005 is not a really cool book, I just prefer a different flavor, I guess.


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Would you let me know when you finish your book. I’m interested in buying it. PM me.

I’ve recently finished my second T-Nation article and have began work on my third…I don’t have the PM feature enabled, but I promise that when I submit my third article, I’ll also give details on purchasing my book to TC Luoma, or maybe do some kind of book give away (contest?) here on the site, if he’s into it.

I mean…it’s the members’ site, so if this kind of thing interests you, make comments in my next article or the one following it, and we’ll see what we can work out.