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What does everyones Strength(Limit strengt-Hypertrophy-Power) book Libraray consist of?What are 4-8 goods book?

The Strongest Shall Survive Bill Starr
Weightlifting, Olympic Style Tommy Kono
Defying Gravity Bill Starr
SuperTraining Mel Siff
Dinosaur Training Brooks Kubik
The New Shrug Book Paul Kelso
Ironman’s Ultimate Guide to Muscle Mass
Guytons Physiology, Arthur Guyton, MD

Gotta get it back…

beyond body building (pavel)
Bullet proof abs (pavel)
Poliquin Principles
Sandbag training (ironmind)

Hmmm…let’s see. My library consists of the following off the top of my head (I’ll forget a few):

Get Buffed by Ian King
How to Write Strength Training Programs by Ian King
Another one by Ian King (can’t remember)
The Science of Martial Arts Training by Charles Staley
Renegade Training by Coach John Davies
Renegade Training for Xtreme Sports by Coach John Davies
Poliquin Principles by Charles Poliquin
The Science of Sets/Reps by Charles Poliquin
Arnold Schwartzneggar Encyclopedia
The Book of Muscle by Ian King and Schuler
The Keys to Progress by John McCallum
Abs book by Paul Chek
Paul Chek’s new Nutrition/Training book
The Science of Periodization

And a few more!

Nate dog, do you reccomend the How to write book. I have been thinking of purchaseing it.