Hey Guys Whats up? A while back you guys wrote an article outlining some
books that you recomend. If you guys have some time could you quickly
survey the T-Mag Team and ask the following questions:

Favorite Book on Nutrition?
Favorite Diet? (for Fat Loss or Mass)
Favorite Excersise principle guide or book?
Favorite routine for Fat Loss or Building Muscle Mass?
Favorite Life Instruction book, i.e. philosophy.

OK, my favorite book on nutrition is BodyOpus and that Ketogenic book by Lyle McDonald. Both give excellent breakdowns on the macro nutrients, whether u want to follow a keto diet or not. My favorite diet for fat loss is obviously a keto type diet, and for mass its just eat right foods (lots of clean lean protein, fruits, vegetables, dairy, complex carbs, and some good fats), but lots of them. For fat loss the 2 best routines I used I was the German Volume Training, and the 20 rep squat routine. For Mass my favorite routines are the 20 rep squat routine, and any other routine that centers around compound movements (cleans, high pulls, squats, standing presses, bent over barbell rows). My favorite exercise books:Super squats by randall Strossen and Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik (his videos alos kick ass!!!), and my favorite life/phiolosophy book:The Bible!!!

JoJo, I don’t want to sound too biased here, but you’re reading the best source for all your questions, Testosterone magazine. In my experience, and believe me I’ve searched many of 'em out, no single books come close to equaling the information found in the 149 (so far) issues of the online mag, not to mention the four print issues. No one writer has all the answers on any one topic, but the aggregation gathered here come closer than any other time or place.

yea t-mag is nice for new practical things, but there are some old former- Communist books that are better/ more informative. I am trying to get my hands on Supertraining, already have Science and Practice of Strength training, and Fitness and Strength training for all sports.

Dave, my favorite ‘philosophy’ book (if you can call it that-more psychology) is ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Victor Frankl, or ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz. Philosophy: Jiddu Krishnamurti’s ‘Freedom from the Known’. Favorite nutrition book would have to be my nutritional biochemistry college book, and the basic ‘Understanding Nutrition’ college book. A lot of fundamental science of nutrition explored. Training, hmmm, never read one, but looking forward to perhaps reading Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey. Laterz bro–maclar

Best life instruction book: print out TC’s and Chris’s Atomic Dogs, put them in a binder and there you go!

Favorite philosophy book: “The will to Power” by Fredrich Nietzsche :wink:

Okay, here’s my list for books on training poliquin principles, and get buffed by ian king
best all around info on training, nutrition, and drugs t-mag and in a distant second the old muscle media 2000. non excercise related, men are from mars women are from venus, and “get laid the testosterone way” which really helped me understand woman better and get laid more

A great general health guide book is “Eat, Drink and Be Merry,” by Dr. Dean Edell. It’s not going to have info on how get a 20" biceps or how to get a 6-pack, but it has great info on health, sex, drugs, and utilizing healthcare. The good Dr. actually recommends pot over alcohol, and he debunks alternative therapies in a clear, lucid manner. Plus, he is funny as hell. It’s a very easy, entertaining and informative read.

I have nore than 15 year in the fitness industry and have read everything from Arnld’s Education of a Buidybuider to the Bulganian Workout. The best hands down is Ian King’s Get Buffed. It’s easy to understand and easy to apply. Get this if you want to train for the rest of your life. Favorite non-training book is Dan Millmen’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

By far the best book on strength training is Heavy DutyII mind and body