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I am new to powerlifting and beside reading as much as I can from resources like T-mag and elitefts articles, I was wondering if anyone had recomendations on either books or videos that have been beneficial. I am looking at a couple of books on elitefts, any thoughts or comments would help. Thanks


The westside seminar series is great, along with the westside seminars.


EliteFTS has videos of their Westside seminars, that were recommended by some of the other posters. Check out the Videos section under Shop on their website.

I wish people would start releasing DVDs, I doubt my VCR still works...


Im not offering book or video advice but pay attention!
I used to be into powerlifting in the early 90's. One thing I learned (The hard way) was to protect your shoulders! My shoulders are jacked up from powerlifting. Bad form and a bad attitute has messed up my cuffs. They constantly grind when I lift and i have had to live on rehab style shoulder workouts just to keep everything in its place. Don't screw with bad form when it comes to your shoulders bro...